Friday, February 25, 2011

So much to tell, so little ability to prioritize!

So, here's the thing with the blogging. If you're living a life like mine which is vast and rich and filled with fantastical heights of fun and excitement pretty much every waking moment, if you stop posting for even a second, you will soon find that so many wonderful things have occurred that it's practically impossible to give them their due mostly because they each deserve their own "accolade set" as it were. BUT, the flip side of that then you don't post and more great things happen and the original things never get documented so fifty years from now it becomes impossible to remember exactly who made the boots that Prince was wearing at the concert you went to with your lovely wife to celebrate her 40ieth (!!) birthday (Chanel, FYI). You also might not remember how delightfully poignant it was to see the very tiny, tininess of your buddy M.'s brand new Baby Boy as he sat blinking up at your 13 year old daughter as she held him on her (13) year old lap and instantly fell if not in love then at least in some very serious like. You might remember that you at some point did receive pics from the DB re: the newest Tex-Mex-Japanese-Mix baby girl to arrive in japan as well as LONG-overdue images from the alleged wedding but because you never posted them, they are now lost in the wilds of what used to be a sort of manageable wasteland of past e-mails.


You might also, eventually, fail to properly recall the giggle inducing visits to the SPERM bank with your trying-to-build-a-family buddy and/or the shock/awe of coming across an online purveyor that featured "specials" on vials as well as urged you to "follow them on Twitter!" (???!)

Or what about documenting the AMAZING clock your BBQ gave you for your own birthday, there's the highly successful "making of the space" that occurred (and continues to occur) at the Orange House in the town of Oak. There's the new dog walkers, the finishing of the high school applications, the impromptu discussions re: SEX and "how you can get babies when you're 16!" with the 7.5 year old (she brought it up, not me!) and, of course the BRILLIANT cake boss parody assembled by the Big big Girl for her Sita's birthday....

[Case in point. We spent a wonderful 5 days in New Mexico with my adorable family at Christmas time and I have not posted peep #1 about the life-enriching fabulocity of that experience!!]

{sigh} It's funny because i thought I stopped writing because i had nothing left to say, but now, I'm actually realizing, I'm just incredibly lazy!