Thursday, December 28, 2006


Quick check in. Just to say... you know... hello. Um. hi. How's it going? Really? good. Great to hear. I'm doing fine as well. What? Oh, not all that much really. Holidays were rushed but strangely relaxing. Nothing broke which was cool. At work I mean. I don't think anything broke outside of work either but I haven't been paying all that close attention to the rest if you get my drift.... No really. I'm good. work is good. life is good. We had a great X-mas with the CP here for the morning present opening finishing with dinner at the L-Ls. Quality all round. then just kind of bumming around on tuesday. Got some serious planning done on the "houses-within-a-house" project so that was cool. heard from my favorite female texan about her plans to be out here within the week so that's something to look forward to. I've had a fairly significant change of heart/attitude vis a vis her since the break-up (hers not mine -- and truth be told, since this birthday marks the passing of her 26th year on this earth which just doesn't seem as icky for some reason ...) but luckily while my mind may be all about justification my body is still following the god-fearing, upright little path it was intended to walk along and has trashed any plans I may or may not have had by breaking out in all manner of cold-sore gross-ness so.... guess we're gonna stay "just friends." At least this time around. ;-]

Hmmmm. What else. I'm tired but strangely upbeat which is FAB. Wrote THE CHECK to my school today which pretty much ensures that 1) I have no life savings left so it is particularly lucky that I also have no life and 2) I actually think I'm going to buckle down and work this semester so I can start writing THE DISSERTATION this summer. eek. Anyway. I'm gonna go put some babies to bed. Hope everyone's holidays were amazing and that I'll actually get to see you all in the coming year.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Well hello!

You know what sucks? What sucks is that I JUST glanced at the clock to figure out if I was getting anywhere near close to the time I get to go get my Big girl sprout from her winter session camp but then I realized "NO! Actually it's not getting near that time because I DON'T HAVE HER TODAY." Man. You'd think after nine years the sharing thing would get a little easier. Wait, have I written that before? Am I getting redundant?? Say it int so!

Anyway, long time, no chat! So much really wonderful stuff has been happening that I have been wanting to blog about and... practically simultaneously... so much silly/stupid stuff has occurred that it's made me instead want to crawl into my bed and wish for death (not MY death, mind you, just, you know, DEATH!!)

Let's see.... two really superb kid performances happened. The little girl at her daycare and the big girl in a Hip Hop version of the Nutcracker (the latter of which WAS in fact captured for posterity and will be making a limited run showing at some point during the coming month on the small screen -- that is unless I can find someone with a larger screen to let me have a big ole viewing party in their house...[hint, hint, Mistah L-L])

We did in fact go to the Grease sing-along and (barring unfortunate work related episode) had THE world's best time. I love my kids. i love that the 3.5 year old knows all the words to "Sandy"!! After which went to hang at the Bees which was GREAT. I like those guys. they're good people. Then home to bed where I spent some time reflecting on my, now two, totally inappropriate crushes -- one of which, i guess isn't so bad as it wll only get me fired. the other might actually cost me a friend (not really. i treat my friends pretty poorly and luckily rather than just writing me off, they've come to expect it! KIDDING! I love you guys! Really. :-])

Speaking of totally inappropriate, who's little pink-haired, newly single gal-pal to the stars is going to be in town this week and is planning on dropping by for a quick night out?? (Bless you Sue-bean for providing kidwatching coverage. And thank you soooooo much also Mistah L-L for risking death by asphyxiation to watch the Sprouts while me and Travelin' Man got our party on at the GV Holiday shin-dig-diggity the other night! I swear. I don't know why or how I got folks like you to be interested in my life but I sure am glad you all are the kind of cool you are! Now hurry up and have a baby so i can return the favor...oops! did I say that out loud?)

Let's see... not much else to say i spose. I'm THIS close to being done with my X-mas shopping which is swell. Noone is here at work so it's a little quieter than it's been (which is nice.) I'm seeing the BBQ tomorrow which is also grand as I haven't seen the braces yet and I kind of need to.... K. I'm outtie. I need to reply to all these pissy-manager types who want stuff from me. Hope everyone is having a spectacular holiday season so far. kisses to all of you!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I realize I've written this before (many times) but THIS GUY RULES! [Although, technically, i spose i haven't ever written that before because I JUST found out the author of this blog is a guy. I've been reading his blog for literally years so I don't know why I'm just figuring that out but.. blame it on my need to see "Dykey-ness" in everything]

the good things in life

This week-end, I went with my kids to get a Christmas tree. We met up with the Bees at the tree lot and went to their house to do some crafty stuff after which we returned home and decorated said tree.

I heard from a friend of mine that he will be able to cover an emergency kid-sitting event and in doing so allow me to go smooze at the holiday party that's coming up.

I heard from another friend that there's going to be a "Grease" showing/sing-along at this kick-ass theatre and that she wants us to go (of COURSE!)

I found out the dates when my Big Girl is going to be performing in a Hip Hop version of the Nutcracker and that I will have access to a video recorder so I can tape the entire event and play it back years from now each and every time she attempts to introduce me to anyone she's "interested in."

I had my little one "read" me five of her books (in a row) because she was so excited to get the newest in the "Bing the Bunny series"

Three people have told me they appreciated hearing my "straightforward" answers in a meeting I participated in today.

I just got the new Dixie Chicks CD which I'm listening to right now.

I'm happy. I'm healthy. I have great, supportive (scarily attractive) friends. My kids are safe and growing and (for the most part) content. I have chocolate chip cookies at home and ice cold beer in the fridge. It would seem that despite what I've been writing, saying and sometimes actually thinking, life is pretty good. :-]