Friday, August 29, 2008

Melissa Etheridge = dreamy...

Seriously, how fun is it to get impromptu invites to really kick-a** stage performances featuring cutie, amazing lesbo singers?? Very is how. (and YES, Virginia, that IS a back stage pass!!!)


Thursday, August 28, 2008

{Squeal} Melissa Etheridge!

and ME, tonight! Yeah, Baby!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lovin' the Boys right now!

I'm sorry but I really have GOT to take a moment to say, I am so delighted with the quality of boy-action I have going on in my life right now! Today, alone, I was fortunate enough to score some mano y mano time with the fantaubulous Mistah Lovah-Lovah wherein he presented me with some snaps/contact sheets of pics he'd taken of us at the chapel/reception location and which are AWESOME! Then I heard from the ever elusive Pretty Boy (mostly because I wrote to him demanding to know why he was being a big ole slacker-loser about RSVPing! but still, I'll take what i can get these days!) who I miss but forget I miss until I hear from him {sniff} and who is doing "cute" if not particularly well (Although, I do have to say, what with sailing trips to tiny French islands scheduled for late-November, I have to say i think he's doing jest fine...!) Added to the mix being the always amazing Daddy Bee who I know I JUST saw this week-end and yet whom it still feels like I "never see"/can never really get enough of and, well, I'm just up to my ears in sweet, entertaining, good-looking boy peeps is all and damn it, I like it!

Hair today.....

So I'm long and lovely again. I like the hair better this time around mostly because the actual putting in process wasn't so freakishly public and because while it's still uber-fancy pants with the blondes and the reds, they're all on the under-side so I still look like me (sorta -- if I lived in 1812... anyways....)instead of some blonde bimbo hair-girl. Brown-haired Bimbo, I'm cool with! ;-)

So, besides THE HAIR which I'm really only writing about because it's weighing on my mind (HA!! Bah Dum bum) all sorts of other wonderfully cool things are happening as well.

BOTH of the baby-girls are at school now. The Little Big Girl proving to be an ACE at the Kindergarten which, we knew, of course she would be but still, it's always nice to see your certainties confeermed like that! and the Big Big Girl also showing some natural talent at finessing the Sixth grade like it was standing still. In fact, what with them being rock-stars about the whole transitions thing and the Wife TOTALLY stepping up with managing the complicated drop-pick-dress-lunch two schools with two start/end times schedule, I think I may be the only one who still needs to step it up a bit!

One other cool thing this weekend, went to the Wedding Planner to the Stars house to see THE DRESS which is being adjusted slightly and once again realized how FLIPPIN' gorgeous it is. Really. This is a dress that could pretty much stand on it's own up there in terms of sheer cool-chic-sexy-bride-ness so.... once again I'm left thinking I sort of need to kickstart my "game" as it were or else the powers that be may not even let me remain a part of this whole thing!

Then actually, really sort of lastly there's the fact that the best BBQ in the whole entire world of a planet hooked me up with a lady who knew a lady who is helping me with the APA formatting on my paper (for a significant chunk of change but you know what, done is done and I'm willing to pay for it!) so It looks as though I may actually be about to turn that silly thing in at some point this century....

Whew. K. I'm actually not as crazy super busy as I was last week but I still prolly need to be doing something productive so I'm gonna go. More later though as there are huge milestones in the CP, SK marriage to report as well as updates on the brochure/book designs.... (Seriously, who am I that I get to have such a lovely fun life????)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's see...

Where was I...... Ah, yes. The life. The life is trundling along. Things are a squeach INSANE at work but mostly because there's just one whole hell of a lot to do to support the various departments and only one little me to do it so..... I'm sort of always behind on something major but the rest of the package (great co-workers, on-site Big Girl after-school care, flexible hours, fabulous building/location, etc. etc.) is still so nice I think it'll balance out.

I'm also behind on finalizing my dissertation so i can turn the damn thing in and be done with it but I'm hoping/trying to take care of that this month. [fingers crossed]

In happier news: my BBQ is back from her million-year rip around the world. I swear, I don't see her all that often but gosh darn it, I sure do like having her close!

The Girls are starting school in little over A WEEK which is impossibly exciting to me and I think to them as well so that's fun.

The WIFE continues to be great despite my growing crankiness as the competing needs re: the rest of the world continue to mount up which I'm sure is making me a little insufferable and certainly a lot more tired -- regardless, she's adorable and sweet and I love her, plus now she can't leave without risking half her CDs so that's kind of cool as well!

And lastly, I know this hasn't had much play here on the blog but the CP is ALSO getting married, At the end of this month, in fact to a delightful woman who I think very highly of so that's kind of cool to. In fact, I'm kind of thinking that the balance of things right this second is definitely skewing toward basically sweet/nice/good so.... Yay!

Monday, August 04, 2008

That's Mrs. Doctor to you!

{sigh} Our Paper Wedding happened today. We're not really treating this one as "the real wedding" onna counta that's still coming in Oct. but today we trotted down to Ciy Hall to make a (valiant if ultimately futile) attempt at filling out the paperwork correctly (missed by only a very little bit -- but SOOOO close!) and getting our hitch on and I have to say.... it was really sweet. We got married by a very nice lady judge in the rotunda with family and friends looking on and being supportive and wonderful (and CUTE. Damn, how do I know so many good-looking people????) and I'm just so happy and glowey about the way the life continues to be turning out! I love my new wife. Granted, I'm exhausted beyond any reasonable measure but gosh, sooooo happy and contented and thinking things are just duckie! :-)