Thursday, April 23, 2015

Home stretch!

Jeeze, where to even begin?? the big girl has a job - has had a job for a while now - has applied for and been rejected by five (stupid) colleges (which is actually pretty sad and is causing some stress/disappointment/disillusionment but has been accepted to SFSU which is MY alma mater so... i feel like she'll be alright. We're also investigating options like sending her off to go live someplace that is "not here" for a semester or two just to get a feel for what that might look like.) and has now been in TWO "serious" boyfriend, girlfriend relationships. Both of which she's handling/and handled like a champ but which are also sort of causing her a lot of stress right now. I feel bad that i can't do more to help her feel better. I think it's just crazy hard being a graduating person no matter who your parents are or what sort of life you're trying to have. My Little girl is continuing to do well in her new school - has a couple of (one in particular) besties and is well-regarded by her teachers. Her 11-ness (soon to be 12-ness does occasionally make me crazy but when it's all said and done, i find myself liking her more often than i am yelling at her so i think it works out in the end. the wife is also doing well. job seems to suit her (for now) and she's out playing tennis every week-end when it isn't raining so... between that, the piano, the giants and the warriors I'm seeing her less but whenever i do get a glimpse, she seems pretty happy/content. (mostly) My work is an mind/energy suck (which i expected but which is crushing my life and soul) - We're going through this massive systems upgrade and while i love my team and am grateful that the whole colossal project seems to be on track, I am seriously going to go at-shit crazy if anything else gets added to it and/or my already waaaaaaaay too full plate! Sa-all good though. we have a nice vacation to hawaii planned for June and i get to go to Sharon Ellison's Summer Deepening again just a week after we get back so.... i think i'll find time to rest/recoup. the other really good (but not great) news that's happened is that my friend who had the tragic accident occur on her watch has FINALLY (two years, people!) made it through the courts and has a resolution in the case. She ended up with misdemeanor child endangerment (instead of the two counts of felon manslaughter and felony child endangerment she was originally charged with) and a sentence of 18 months jail time. Her attorney thinks they can get the jail served on an out-placement and/or on week-ends so there's minimal impact of her continuing to try to raise her kids and have a real life. She feels like the sentence is fair. I think the whole system is so massively screwed up/unbelievable but i'm glad it's done and she can start moving on. She is also (because she is such an amazing trooper) graduating this May with an AA and is planning on going to UC Berkeley next year! Seriously. i think she's all that and a bag of chips!