Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Big Girl!!!!

You are amazing and my Spark and I am forever grateful you were allowed to become part of our family!! Happy being 6! Now if you could stop time right now/stop getting older and correspondingly less dependent on me, that would be great! ;-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stop me...!

before i bid again! O.K. so I just bought five bathing suits. I did not intend to buy five bathing suits. I intended to buy one. this one. But it cost $45.00 so then I thought, "hmmmmm. i wonder if I can find a cute bathing suit somewhere else that's not as expensive." So I went on eBay and I found a whole bunch of cute suits ranging from this:

to this:

to this:

All of which, IMHO, are a-dorable AND all of which are individually priced lower (in some cases MUCH lower) than the original "cute" suite so, I being a gal of action, went ahead and bid on all of them thinking "I'll just bid on all of these since I'd be happy with any one of them so I'll be set no matter which i get!" Only to discover today, upon logging into my personal e-mail account that I am now apparently the proud owner of ALL of them (plus two others, also very cute albeit completely, at this point superfluous.)

Granted, once the math is said and done, all five suits plus shipping still only come out to about $12.00 more than I would have spent on the one original suit but still. It all seems a little wasteful somehow...

Friday, April 24, 2009


K. So. went to go see the "Live" recording of the this American life show last night with the Scoot and Ms. Tail and it. was. awesome! It was late-ish for us to be out and about on a school night but soooo worth it and adorable and fun, etc. etc. the only thing I even found slightly concerning was the realization that even as I mocked my fellow audience members for their uber-cool, downwardly-mobile hip, intellectual ennui, urban ways I had to admit they were squarely in my demographic. So, basically I'm sitting there thinking "really? This is my tribe???? Sheesh. that's kind of sad." Seriously, I'm just beginning to see why it may be that i'm so in love with 20 year olds and I (at the same time) am beginning to realize i may actually be "one of those older ladies who likes 20-year-olds!"

Funnily enough, Mizz Tail was telling me about a moment that occurred on a trip she took recently with a group of people where she announced to the assembled crowd "It's funny but you know how usually when you're with a group of people there's one a**hole? Well, I'm so pleasantly surprised because none of you are a**holes!" She, of course meant it as a compliment but in the uneasy pause that followed she also admitted to suddenly wondering "Wait. Does that mean *I'm* the ...??!"

I've seen the Cougar, folks, and she is me!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


But this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Thanks, Up Popped and thanks Jane Lynch...

Just real quick...

I'm tired and i'm cranky but I'm also extraordinarily delighted by three things that have recently occurred, so.. since I always go on at length about the T&C stuff, today i will list only the happy-happy-joy-joy:

1) We have a date for the Spark getting officially Step-Parent adopted by the Wife. That date is [drumroll, please...] Friday, May 1, 2009!!! Yay! Man, me and the adoption courts... I feel like I should be collecting some sort of sticker from each so I can trade them at the big Frequenter-of-Family-Court-Convention in San Diego next month!

2) The Spark's B-day is coming up fast and I am just SO excited about party planning! (Yay, tiny pink cupcakes! Yay, sunglasses and sparkely bathing suits! Yay, Slip and Slide!!!!)

3) Looks like the Big Magnet get together that always manages to happen in the summer (even though everyone swears it won't until it does) is going to again manage to happen THIS summer even though we're having to push the dates up a bit. Yay Magnet Clan living large in the Desert for a few days. {sigh} Have I mentioned how very very much I love Da Familia???

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ah, Spring...

K. so i was pretty excited about all the sun and nice weather and whatnot but now I am officially a whimp/over the heat. And we're not even getting started! K. nuff of that. Just needed to get the minor whining out of the way so as to better embrace the loveliness of the rest of the life! Week-end was fabulous. A little sad around the edges since we lost the Big Big Girl for a big chunk of it but I suppose I have to get used to the "we-must-have-her-for-orientation!" demands of her new fancy-pants program sooner or later; might as well start sooner. Super nice hanging out with the rest of the fam though. Got to see my sexy, sporty Wife stare down an actual tennis match opponent which was a-dorable! er...ah... I mean fierce! I thank the good lord in his or her heaven though that I had the foresight to bring someone actually capable of carrying on a sports related conversations so, thanks to the Fabulous Arg I was ultimately able to just rest on my proverbial laurels and do what I do best: looking cute, being suitably impressed when shown some impressive tennis move -- like actually getting the ball OVER the net! -- and giving the ole hairy eyeball to the pinkshirts and their alleged "team" of ringers since, CLEARLY the wife wasn't doing a very good job of it! I mean her tennis is great but her game-face needs a little work. They were all like that though. Seriously, this is why girls shouldn't play competitive sports. They're all "Are you ready?" and "No, you go first!" and "Let me get that ball for you!" I mean, I get that really this is just a big ole game of pickup (and I DON'T mean Baskeet-ball!) but still! I wanna see a little trash being thrown around!!!! At any rate, she (Wife) = cute/hot. Me and friend Arg sitting around on lawn chairs in the shade watching her = fun! I think I coud get used to being a professional athlete's Wife! ;-)

Then home to do some serious birthday party planning which is CLEARLY going to be the swim event of the season and finally ending with a lovely little wander around the block with the kids and their bikes. Yay. I like my life.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who knew...!

Girl Scout cookies are regionally designed! My super sweet cousin up in Fergus Falls (Minnesota or North Dakota -- he's lived up there his entire life but I just can't be bothered to remember which "basically Canada" state he's in right this second.) sent us a few boxes and according to the QA-in-training eye of the Big Big Girl they are "shaped differently" (the thin mints, at least) with more pronounced ridges around the edges as well as made with a "different" (read "lower") grade of chocolate so the "mintey-ness" is more apparent. The box design is different as well. Much appreciated at any rate. i sort of like the fact that once GS Season ends on this coast I can still be the envy of all my peers by showing up with fresh boxes of cookies well into the summer!

K. Moving on. Happy Easter everyone who is a practicing and/or lapsed but still likes to get dolled up and hunt eggs Christian-type person! Hope the day is spectacular fer ya'all. I myself have started off on an exceptionally good foot (mostly due to the distinctly NON-Christian ministrations of the Wife! Seriously, one foot in hell as we speak...) and am about to have some buttery-to-the-point-of-instant-cardiac-arrest Easter Potatoes and some coffee before heading out to hang with the cutest in-laws this side of the valley! {sigh} it's good to be me. :-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

So... something I never thought i'd say
Eek! My organic edamame has freezer burn! k. glad i got that off my chest.

Now then, just wanted to go on (and on) for a moment about my day today. It. was. awesome. First, we went to a (overpriced to the point of sticker-death) carnival, then off to get our eyes examined by our very nice new doctor then to a park which featured spin-ney things, back to the house to craft some invites for some Quality Little Big Girl B-day party which will be occurring Sat. April 25th (stay tuned for the evite the production of which I will be using as my next big procrastination move mere moments from now!) and finally back to ye olde computer wherein I discovered we get to see The Wife's Gorgeous sisters and the So-Cute-I-Can't-Even-Stand-It kid cousins for some quality easter egg hunting tomorrow! Yay!

k. basically I'm going to have to go with tired, completely lame in terms of finishing The Big Project but happy, nonetheless!

So close and yet...

Why, Why am I so useless when it comes to editing my own stupid work???? God. I'm *this* close to being done and yet, I am completely demoralized by the fact that I can't find some dumb book so I can figure out what stupid city the d*** publisher is in so I can finalize a reference and so am instead choosing to blog... {sigh} I suck at this. Really, truly I do.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The Cut/evidence, should anyone feel like pressing charges or anything... just saying.... :-)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

An "F" in gender!

WHoo Hoo! Who got into the uber exclusive, mondo-great preparation for the hoity-toity, Ivy League school-mill program with the most-est, Summerbridge????? My Baby did that's who! (Which we knew was going to happen but, um, still.... Yay! Not to dwell or anything but they only picked 36 students (from 20 schools) out of 136 applications! Man. My Big Big Girl rocks so hard. K. THEN because that's not enough good news for one day, she ALSO brought home her report card which was filled with "A"s and "B" where before there were "C"s... {sigh} It makes you want to weep is all. Then I said I was so proud of her and she replied "Yeah, about the only thing I'm flunking is gender!" Heh. You gotta love that about apples....and their not falling all that far from the trees, I mean....;-)

o.K., can I just say...

I really can't stand mean people. For the purposes of this discussion, i would like to define a "mean person" as anyone who feels like they are entitled to disregard the health, well-being, mental space and/or personal effects of another person because they (the original mean person) have decided it's not worth the effort it takes to in any way consider, control or re-direct their (MP's) initial reaction to a given set of circumstances. To be truly considered a MP, you have to not only be this way this occasionally but must actively embrace it as a way of life.

I'm not saying everyone has to walk around being all sunny happy about everything all the time but seriously, if you can't take a second to think the ramifications of an abrupt negative reaction based on an emotional response that you want to indulge in -- and if you're not currently 4 years old -- I'm not sure what business you have thinking you should be afforded all the same benefits as those of us who are trying to facilitate an easier existence in this global, social environment we're all trying to swim in.

I mean, really, if, after you've taken a moment to consider, you still feel your emotion warrants the collateral damage, then, by all means, be my guest, but at least acknowledge the fact that you get what you give and don't get all weird/whiny the next day when you wake up and discover that most folks would rather eat their own tongues than continue hanging out with you.

eh, hem. Now then. OG - you are a mean, annoying, immature brat of a person and I sincerely hope you get therapeutic and/or surgical intervention before you wind up really hurting someone besides you're own spoiled self. Those of you who read this thing regularly know I try not to commit potentially hurtful designations to the pseudo-permanancy that is the WWW however this little thing you do, where you kick the hand that feeds you; essentially ignoring any good fortune that tries to include you in it's expansiveness so you can better wallow in the world of "done wrong" delusion you've crafted from god knows what life experience... that THING bugs the hell out of me and I really, really wish you'd stop. K. there.

Fro the record,I have carefully considered this outburst and nodding to the public-forum-ness of this rant, I'll post any retort you might come up with but seriously, if you can find it in you to at least attempt to stop being so actively mean all the time, I have to say I think things would really start looking up a little bit.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Gosh this week-end was nice!

Really super, supremely nice. I got to hang out with the kids, go to special Me and the Little One dance class, wander through the hills with the family + some new friends (one of whom happens to be a boy version of my Big Big Girl so that was kind of cool to watch them interact with each other...!) Then parties galore! Birthday parties (Big Ups to Travelin' Man who came back to our fair state specially so we could celebrate his birthday with really good hamburgers and yummy G. Chocolate cake), then Chemetz party with the Tribe called BB-Q involving even more really tasty food and desserts. All rounded out by an evening of circus arts and Capoeria and funny making and still more family hang time.... Really, really, really, I'm just so happy/lucky to have such fantastic peep-age to spend quality time with!

Oh, and just for documentation sake, i think it needs to be noted here that one of the really extra special things I enjoyed about this week-end was getting to spend some extra time with the fabulous close personal long-time bestest friend of The Wife and getting to learn more about her and her (some might say "cougarly") ways! I mean, sure, I'm not letting you near any of the Big Big Girl's friends but you are definitely fun to have at a party! ;-)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This from ANOTHER of my crush-sites

"It is a lesbians’ ability to turn something as nondescript as an Adidas sports bra covered in dirt from a rugby match into a piece of erotic apparel, that makes me proud to be a dyke." Although I have to say part of what makes me giggle so much over this one's written personae is the uncanny resemblance to Ma Babee (sport-bra technophile -- check! Unholy/jealousy-inducing crush on The Fey -- check!) {sigh. K. so now if the time when all good people must -- stop with the farting around and start with the coding/troubleshooting, dammit!}

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sometimes reading other blogs...

Makes me feel like I'm cheating. Like I feel like "Hey, I'm just a gal out and about, trying to figure out a way to pass a few spare moments" and I'll happen across something like this...

and I'll get all smiley because dammit I like reading cute writing and then suddenly I feel like, wait a minute, shouldn't I be reading the Wife's blog, or even TALKING to The Wife since she's sitting RIGHT OVER THERE (*also* on the computer playing fast and loose with the Internet, so I don't feel too bad) but I can't bring myself to do the right thing and instead justify my inattention by noting that the illicit blog is on "My favorites" list since somehow if it appears on a list that is always on my site then it's as if they're just an old friend and I'm just checking in. Except that they're new. and i've kind of got a blog crush them: I like the way they put words and thoughts together; I'm gratified by the use of the Vinyl tablecloth as metaphore since that was one of the "discussion points" during the wedding planning, I like The Funny! which OF COURSE is no big deal because I'm married with kids and she's married with kids and we're both deliriously happy where we are and it's not like I'm getting goofy over a person, right .... I dunno. I think that I used to get crushes on people I knew from the life and now I get silly over "style". Which is not to say I don't LOVE the Wife's style as well, I can't wait to read her stuff but she doesn't post as much as she used to.... Hm. Anyway. So much for allowing random musings on "faithfulness". I'm going to go interact with The Wife now. Or try to. Depends on whether or not she's through with her Metafilter..... :-)


Best thing I've read today (from the Litle Big girl's homework): "I'm pretty because my mom said so!"

K. just wanted to put that out there because I cannot stand how cute she is sometimes. :-)

in other news here's a recent conversation had with the newly "in-town" DB and his lover-ly Finacee-san:

DBaLF-S: hey.
Me: Hey!
DBaLF-S: What're you doing?
Me: Working. What're you doing?
DBaLF-S: Nothing.
Me: ...
DBaLF-S: So, we're here.
Me: cool. We should hang out.
DBaLF-S: Yeah.
Me: What're you doing tomorrow?
DBaLF-S: Uh, i'm not sure.
Me: Well, we should hang out.
DBaLF-S: Yeah. o.k. [quick whispered conversationing in the background]
Me: What's going on?
DBaLF-S: Well, uh, we're uh, here...
Me: O.K. you're here. WAIT, you're HERE? Here, here???
DBaLF-S: Yeah.
Me: I'll be down in a second.


K. so, just got back from having a little coffee with the twos of them. DB looks good. happy. the F-S looks normal/sane. Cute in a rockabilly, surly, agro-punk poet kind of way. Favorite snippet of verbal exchange with the Fiancee-San.

LF-S: [smile] I expect to not like you.
Me: [return smile] Heh. Yeah, i expect to not like you too!

Sa'all good though. I admired her boots, she loved my kid's drawing -- as far as I'm concerned I think I just found myself a new BFF.