Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Such a nice age - 45! So nice to have good old and new friends to celebrate the getting older with. I love pretty much everything about my life right now. :-)

Funny thing my big girl said to me pon the eve of my turning:

Her: "I saw a guy on the bus yesterday who you'd totally have a crush on. he'd be my best friend."
Me: i cannot have a crush on your best friend! that would be unseemly."
Her: "why not?" then, knowingly: "o.k. whatever. he'll just be my best friend. [pause] you'd totally have a crush on him though!"
Me: "yeah. probably."


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who would have thunk it!

Just quickly checking in to list some of the very nice things that have occurred lately (in no particular order):

1) Went to New mex for X-Mas. As always it was awesome. SOOOOOOO nice to see my brothers and the Texas nieces and baby cousins and, yes, even mom and pops. Plus, an added bonus - actually found this book i remember having when i was little about two Burros (that's tiny donkeys for you non-natives) who were separated (sad!() but eventually found each other again and lived happily ever after. My mom had it on my old bookshelf. seriously. not sure why that made me so happy, it just did.

2) While in New Mex. i also got to see some old friends (some in a totally accidental way and some i hunted down - DB, thanks for hanging out. yer kids are among the cutest I've seen and your mom + g-rents are still so sweet!)

3) Then once i got back, my Little Buddy ERG come out for a visit which was LOVELY! Really, so very nice to see/chat/plan forward with. Now all i need is some permanently moving back action from you and we'll be good to go!

4) Additionally to all the very nice getting to see folks, i also got invited to attend a conference/get-together thing that is being held by my new good friend SE and at which i hope to be able to build links to some very powerful people in the line of work i hope one day to move into, which, given that i get to basically live with them for a week, is, IMHO totally doable!

5) Other nice things include, getting to watch my Little Big Girl make some fancy-pants banana nut muffins with my BFF, A-tail (they are now officially cooking buddies. It's actually a little too cute to bear) and getting to have some of them whilst they were still hot! (delicious!)

6) Getting to hang out with my other BFF BBQ as she put some final coats of paint on the walls of their FREAKING NEW HOUSE (eh hem)

7) and just generally being so happy and impressed with my little set of family + friends. Sometimes it takes some traveling to realize how good one actually has it, but i do have to say, i'm finding us all quite great right this second!