Friday, May 09, 2014

Mid-year update post

Gah! i feel like i never write anything down anymore!!! 1) Happy birthday Little Big Girl (eek! 11?? Really????) - I love you more than words can say and am sooooo glad you came into our lives! 2) Congrats on getting into the new Middle school! I know, i know, we just moved you like three seconds ago but, life is what she is and i'm super excited/happy that you both got to experience the awesomeness that is Kipp Bridge, Oakland as well as get to now go to the also awesomeness that is Gateway Middle School! 3) Yay, Big Big Girl for both living through (ish) SATs (wha???) as well as just kind of maintaining. I know 16 is rough but yo're handling it like a champ! Plus you looked really cute n your prom ensemble! 4) Excited that the Wife managed to off-load the condo in this past fiscal year (and had the presence of mind to get a real "paid-for tax person" so we ended up getting back enough fundage to get a new roof! (whoot, whoot! Raise de... eh. um. never mind.) 5) Sad that BOTH of my bro's lovely wife/partners continue to experience health issues. Here's hoping you both turn some significant corners soon! 6) Shout out to my lovely Lady friend B-Bee who i adore and who is hope is getting on with her pretty self post-divorce and is not having too rough a time of everything (what with everything...) 7) Here's to Facebook which broke the news that i am going to be a Great-Aunt yet again - this time to the beautiful niece V. which is AWESOME!!!!! 8) Lifting a figurative glass to the fact that things in gen are just kind of nice right now. The Wife appears to love me/be happy, the kids are doing great. work doesn't suck.... There's so much more but i'm losing my steam a little bit (plus i want to get back to surfing the web for pics of Gypsy Wagons!!) so, until next hurried, half-assed update... keep on keeping on!