Tuesday, February 27, 2007


O.K., I love my dad. Don't get me wrong. Sure he skipped out on us when I was three but he eventually showed back up (12 years later) and he did give me some pretty choice chromosomes (what, You think this fabulous facade was painted on???) plus he's got a nice boat so... I am ready to admit under oath that he IS my babies only grand-Daddy. So, then, having established lineage, what does this pillar of thoughtful energy DO all day whilst hanging out in the fabulous retirement community of Surprise, Arizona, on the golf course, sipping a martini with a recent lottery winner and a couple of retired doctors? He decides he'd like to surprise his Oak-town g-babies with a little sumptin'-sumptin'. He takes himself off to the nearest town (probably Phoenix but I can't swear to that), finds just the right presents for a just-turned-nine year old and her three-point-five year old sister and pop them in the mail so that a mere two days later his youngest G-child can open a manilla envelope containing.... a mink. That's right folks, a mink. A small, dried, flattened animal with the head, legs and tail still attached. I don't have the Boo right now so I can't say for sure that she got the same thing but, let's just say, i have a hunch. The question now remains -- Why??????

Saturday, February 24, 2007


So, here's the thing. I've actually lost my desire to write. Weird right. Especially since that's what I'm supposed to be doing all day at work and what I used to do for fun and what I need to do for my proposal review committee but... I jsut can't make myself sit down and jot anything down. I start but then I get all distracted looking at extremely expensive Korean dolls that I MUST own (hint to all my really very loved and highly considered Korean friends who might know people in the homeland who would be willing to get/send me the some of the girls in this line of dolls cause they're mostly not available in the States...!)

anyway. I need to start writing again. i intend to start writing again. I'm going to force myself to log onto this blog (as well as the other one that I'm writing my disertation on) and to jsut freaking WRITE for 20 minutes a day until I break through whatever this stupid writing-block thing is.

K. So. there you have it. I was going to do the nutshell update of the life but... things are fine and I'll be writing more tomorrow, right..??? :-]

Friday, February 02, 2007

Who needs me NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT??

My super-artist kid, that's who. i mean, sure, i get that i'm really not all that much use to her in her private life (now that she's old enough to reach the stuff in the higher-up cabinets) but SHEESH I at least thought I fill in as her agent or something. Nope. Mine child has taken it upon herself to have her work entered/selected for a juried show at Zeumwhich I will be going to see practically DAILY and which I invite all of you to go partake in as well. Show runs through April 8th so there's tons of time to make it the piece de resistance of it into you're daily lunch routine!