Monday, September 29, 2003

Two conversations...

Conversation #1

Chick:So, what kind of doll do you want?
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:The light colored one [note use of the word "light" since extremely smart child knows that if she says "white" MommaChick will get all weirded out on her]
Chick:{getting all weirded out}Why?
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:I dunno.
Chick:Is there something particular you like about the light one?
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:Yeah, I just like her color.
Chick:There's one that's your color. Don't you like your color?
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:{shrug}not really.
Chick: {Quick mental perusal of STB6YO's friends}Is it just dolls or do you like "light" people better too?
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:I like "light" people better.
Chick:{!!} Why??
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:Because they say "I" like I do.
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:Instead of "ah". Like "Ahm going..."
Chick:You like light people because they sound like you?
Chick:But that's cultural. That's doesn't have anything to do with what color they are
Chick:You know that right?
Chick:There are lots of brown people who sound like you. I sound like you.
Soon-to-be-6yr-old: Because you're not dark.
Chick:{?!}I'm not dark?
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:No. The darker you are the more you sound like that.
Chick:hmmmmm. I don't think that's always true, Sweetie.
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:Uh huh. All the dark brown kids at my school talk like that.
Chick:Yes, but if a light kid is raised in the same family then they'd talk like that to.
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:{stares at me}
Chick:So, would you want to be friends with that kid? Even if she didn't sound like you?
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:It depends. If she's nice.
Chick:So, you could be friends with a darker kid too, if she's nice
Chick:Well, o.k.
Soon-to-be-6yr-old:But I still want the light doll.

Conversation #2

Baby Brother: What's the kid want for her birthday?
Chick:A Bratz doll. The Asian one. She likes it because it's "light"
Baby Brother:Yo, That reminds me, I just met this African American Chinese guy!
Chick:He was mixed?
Baby Brother:No he was from China! Grew up there!
Chick:So he's Chinese?
Baby Brother:No, he's a black guy!
Chick:But he grew up in China?
Baby Brother:Yeah.
Chick:So, he's not actually African American, he's Chinese
Baby Brother:{as if to someone who is really just completely missing the point}But he's dark, like me...
Chick: Right, but culturally he's Chinese. He's not African American, he's Chinese!
Baby Brother:.... Let me talk to the kid.

Seriously, is it just me? And I trying to make this much more difficult than it needs to be? I don't think my kid (or my brother for that matter) is racist or anything because we never actually established whether or not being "dark" was bad, just that it's different and that she's more comfortable with sameness, but she's definitely prejudiced in favor of light skin (and long hair -- stay tuned for the gender-stereotype discussion later this week!) and in her world (and unfortunately apparently in my Baby Bro's) if you look a certain way, you are a certain way. period. I dunno. I mean, I get that part of it can be attributed to the "greener" grass theory (Look at all those light wimmin trying to get tan) and that another bit can be assigned to random desire to look a certain way based on what you personally think looks cool (STB6YO also wishes her eyes were more "slantey" and that her hair was pink-violet all over); still another part knows that it is intrinsic to kid/teen-age/early twenties-ness to question and change and experiment and that expecting a healthy and holistic total acceptance of body, mind and spirit may be a bit too much to ask of a soon-to-be-6yr-old but still... Racism is so insidious. I just wonder how much of it is natural processing/pattern-making and how much of it is society telling her what to think? {sigh} Anyway. I'm off to figure out "loot bags" after I put in an order for a "Barbie" cake. My life is the definition of irony right now.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Damn, now I need a new axiom...

So, today, on the way into the city, I mention to the kid that I want to get my hair cut this weekend. She says "Why? Your hair looks fine." I reply with a bunch of blah blah blah about comfort with hair styles and how it gets "fuzzy" and how I just like it when it's shorter, etc. She accepts this. Then later as we're walking to her class she says "I wish my hair was like H.'s" "Why?! Your hair is adorable!" reply I, forehead furrowed; need to instill ability to frame a positive self-image/overwhelming sense of disbelief that my kid sees herself as anything less than perfect always, swelling within my maternal breast. "I dunno," says she, shrugging. "I just like it when it's long." {...!}

in other news, friend for life Tony just brought in this book about relationships based on astrological signs that is creeping me out! First off, let's ignore the (in my humble opinion more than slightly accurate) defining of my week of birth as "The week of Genius" -- here is the beginning of the descriptive paragraph outlining my situation should I choose to pair with someone say, whose birthday is... let's see... how about {choosing at random here...} July 2nd:

"This can be a brillant combination for furthering projects and realizing goals. The relationship lets it's partners know that they do well operating in a broad social context; together these two naturally take the lead in any endeavor, meanwhile sharing few tensions between themselves over dominance and control. They do, however, demand the highest quality both in others and in themselves. The realtionship's quality of nurturing and understanding hatches new ideas the way a brooder hatches chicks...."

Here's me and the kid:

"The Libra I - Aquarius I couple is likely to have a liberating effect on those with whom it comes in contact with. The emphasis in this relationship is not so much on the independence of each partner but on thier combined power to undermine authority and loosen the bonds of tradition - in general to promote a freethinkng and forward-looking ideology or lifestyle. Libra I and Aquarius I lie in trine aspect to each other in the zodiac suggesting an ease between them...."

Hee Hee!

Anyway. I'm becoming obsessed. Damn you, Tony for bringing this poison to my desk!! Must... work... now.... step away from the book....

Thursday, September 25, 2003

16,156 pounds sterling??! That's it?!

Not to mention the fact that I find it VERY hard to believe 58% of the population is living a life purer in word and deed than moi! Thank you Creepy for making my day. Everyone else, get over there and tell me what your estimate is. No fair selling your unborn children...!

my butt hurts!

I have a HUGE bruise on my tuchas from last night when I rather unceremoniously fell onto a pile of wood/tools in a feeble effort to make my kid's room slightly safer for her to occupy until the loft is completely finished. HUGE. all purple and green with a sexy red welt running down the center of it...! Yup, who wants some NOW, Baby!

In other news: Here's a seemingly cool organization that Sleeping Beauty left in the comments section. I read through the site and it seems like they're trying to do some good in the world. Plus the site itself is pretty spiffy. Go check it out if you get a chance and/or if you are or know a teen-aged girl in Alameda county.

Did I mention my ass?? Hurts! Still! I sailed in here slightly late this morning and got right to work on one of my projects only to notice that I had an e-mail saying that I was required to be in some meeting with all the big bosses that had already started and that I ended up wandering into an HOUR late... Nice. Seriously, is there anyone out there wondering why the hell I haven't been politely asked to leave yet??

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

O.K. the dragqueen I want to marry me, father my children, strut around in 8 inch heels and eventually leave me for some undeserving hunk of pretty, young, man-flesh and is playing at the Castro St. Fair with Kennedy et al (aka: Pepperspray) and I HAVE to go! Who wants to come with me...! Anyone???
Oh mi gawd, how did I miss this show???! {sad Chick. Sad, tired Chick....}


He's just so dreamy...!

[thanks, Annie for the link!]

Pop quiz!

So, I'm tired all day yesterday, right? due to TOTAL lack of sleep on Sundee night, so... yesterday, I get home from work, exhausted, and, of course, being an intelligent, forward thinking gal, I

1) crawl immediately into bed in a somewhat futile attempt to catch up on the accumulated years of missed sleep i've amassed thus far

2) realize that although I'm tired, I am also a student and thus need to finish my reading which I do before crawling into bed and entering the land of blessed repose


3) Blow off the reading but stay up until 3am anyway working on my kid's loft.

That's right, folks, I am an idiot! I am also officially so tired right now I may die! Ran into SigTau on the elevator, he suggested copious amounts of RedBull. I am so exhaused I actually considered it!

Oh, before I forget, belated shout out to the fantastic Lu who turned the big 2 last week and who is as fetching and fabulous a 2-year-old as ever I've seen! Congrats, honey! Happy getting huge!!

{Sigh} Somebody shoot me, please.... Loft looks good though....

Monday, September 22, 2003

"I couldn't find one that read 'fuckpig.'"

Let's all hear it for My newest addition to the links aisle! {sound of cheers, hoots and piercing whistles} Seriously folks, he sounds like a great guy, and what a writer! Do yourselves a favor and check him out!

the way high school should have been

I had the best high school date last night! I was kind of out of sorts this last week (anybody notice? - quick show of hands...!) so my Pretty Boy agreed to take me out and treat me like a girl. First, we went to this touristy restaurant in the Marina and talked about dumb stuff, then we got back in his brand new car and drove all over the Presidio and the Marina listening to loud classic rock and acting like idiots. We even ended up "parking" down under the GG bridge so we could ... eh hem... "look at the view". Anyways, It was sweet and adorable and it felt like a "do-over" of prom night - cuter boy (with longer hair), sexier clothes, faster car, no curfew -- Yeah, baby!

Friday, September 19, 2003

being black and being a blogger...

There's a fascinating discussion raging through the blogsphere re: the concept of being a black blogger. I discovered it when I stopped by Jason's site for my daily visit and I clicked through several of his links to other discussions that were intelligent, far-ranging and compelling. Having said that, I don't honestly think I have a damn thing to add to the conversation. I am tired right now and even if I weren't, I am far too busy attempting to explicate my mixed-race, bi-sexual, parent-of-a-young-child-al position to try to switch frames/analysees based on the occassional perception of where my allegiances might lie according to my skin tone. The discussion is oftentimes enlightening though and I would highly suggest that people stop by to have a little looksee.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

These guys are my new music review heroes

For no other reason than one of their reviews contained this sentence:

"It's something of a relief in these times of bands bothering to make decent music that pop's core values - ridiculous hair, pointing one's penis at a lady in a mask..."

combined with a picture.

K. so. I go downstairs to get my bagel and TEA at around the same time most mornings. this pretty much assures that I will be running into the same peeps over and over again and while most are still so completely shocked that they're even out of bed that they can't do much more than stare and mumble there are a few who are quite gregarious. One gentleman in particular palys particularly fast and loose with the life story and i just have to say, were I to ever meet his ex-wife (Diane - who is "out there!"), his older daughter (Sarah who just moved out of her apartment which her ex-roomate trashed and which our friend subsequently spent ALL week-end cleaning up and who is now moving into a new place that is smaller but in a MUCH nicer neighborhood), and his younger daughter (Stephanie who just hooked up with a boy she knew when they were kids but who is currently running with a pretty "bad crowd" -- not to mention the fact that this kid just broke up with his girlfriend -- and who just recently told the aforementioned ex-wife, Diane about the situation and now Diane is "all up in arms" thinking our buddy needs to "step in"...!) let's just say, I'm not sure what I would be able to say to them.

School yesterday was luverly. There is a girl in my class who is a dead ringer for Alexis Bledel who plays Rory in the best TV show ever! (except that the girl in my class is dark brown and Alexis is off-white but no matter, the resemblance is eery I tell you!) Anyways, I bring this up because I am currently in a group with Rory's twin as well as with Coffee Boy and i couldn't be more thrilled! We're going to be studying the "history of place" in which we make "an ethnographic and cartographic study of a location" -- probably the liquor store at the corner of Broadway and 40ieth -- and write a report about it. Yay, us! There is also an EXTREMELY annoying green-glasses wearing girl in our group who while I can't say exactly why she bugs me just does and I'm going to do my best to ignore her.

My beautiful kid's Back-to-School night is tonight which i think means we're all going to be herded into a room where we'll "meet and greet" the principal while our kiddies are whisked away somewhere else to play and snack. Have I mentioned the sheer uselessness of events that separate people from their peeps as a way to facilitate "bonding"?? Anyway. I'm going to protest hotly the second anyone tries to wrest my Boo from my grasp (unless, of course, she wants to be whisked away, which she probably will -- damn the brainwashing cult-like mentality at these so-called "alternative" schools!) Sigh. getting tired. going to act like I'm, working now....

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

"Web meetings" - Informative or grossly generalized waste of time? Discuss...

I am currently participating in an on-line meeting that is attempting to explain to me why Marimba technologies is vastly superior to SMS. So far I've learned that I can:

"enable complex systems while reducing human intervention for administration

  • integrate rather than change the environment or process
  • capture your business requirements and policies
  • enforce the policies and report against compliance
  • allow you to take proactive steps toward cutting costs"

    I've learned this through a series of power point templated slides that progress at a rate of one every 6 minutes! Ooops, hang on, apparently we are now going to learn about a "paradigm shift"... I mean, seriously , I could have gotten this from a brochure and at least it would have been glossily packaged! Criminey!

    "Closed-looped, policy based management" What the hell??!

    K. nuff of that. Big shout out to the girl I like. Thanks for the check-in. You're sweet. You're also quite safe as I have no intentions of moving to the Portland area anytime soon. That plus the fact I've once again given up on adult relationships pretty much ensures that anyone peeping into your window in the middle of the night (much as you might wish it to be me) is, instead, just some random stalker.

    My GAWD could this "presentation" be more boring?????? Were you aware that SMS is not a policy-based system? or that it manges Windows and NOT your environment (Dur??) O.K. sorry. Just because I'm having to sit through this nonsense does not mean you should have to also. Although... what's that thing about misery loving company...? Anyways, I'll write more later after I've digested the Marimba I mean information offering!
  • Monday, September 15, 2003

    I'm sad, i'm tired and I'm going home. See everyone tomorrow...
    then, of course, there's always this...

    You're living the movie Scream!

    ?? Which Horror Movie Are You Living ??
    brought to you by Quizilla

    "It is not a fetish!"

    um... I'm skeered!

    And the hits just keep on coming...!

    Hallo folks, let's see what is there to say this morning...? week-end was lovely. Bagels with the Bees - always fun; Boo class = great (there quite literally is not a single thing in the world more adorable than 6 year olds doing acrobatics)! Boo's new/regular teacher is fabulous in a butch kind of way and if I was in the mood for it, I think I'd add her to my crush list. I'm not though so she'll have to stay in the land of "cool people who I only really consider when I'm in their actual presence". Not a bad place to be, actually -- I'll bet the vast majority of my crushes might actually prefer to be switched to that list...!

    Anyway. Spent yesterday working on the loft project with the amazingly sweet R-B Guy -- thanks you soooo much for everything, my friend. Hope you find what you need from life -- and it looks great! we made this AMAZING railing for Boo's bunk bed that is a freaking work of art. The loft's not done yet but it's getting there and it's much less close to falling down so I'm happy. Aside from that nothing else to report (at least not anything that needs to be aired in public) ... OH! Except that the plans for the Boo birthday are shaping up nicely so be on the look-out for your invites; coming soon to e-mail near you!

    Friday, September 12, 2003

    I'm here...

    but I'm tired.

    The girl I like was born in 1984. Just by way of reference. I graduated high school in 1986. fuck.

    God, I am just in such a crappy mood right now. I mean I'm not really onna counta all my buddy boyz are hanging around and dammit you can never have too many adorable young men in your life, but still. The second they're gone it's back to "fuck! What the freakin' fuck??! Why is everything so stupid and why do I even exist and why am I trying to get anything at all accomplished given that it's just going to 1) not work and/or 2) suck!" Now, don't misunderstand. I am well aware that I am by far THE luckiest human being on the planet I'm just depressed is all. Actually, you know what, I'm going to stop writing right now because I'm sensing a shift to maudlin and given the aforementioned freaking overall greatness of my life that would not only be silly and self-serving but intensely painful to read when I get back from another typically fabulous week-end. Ciao!

    Thursday, September 11, 2003

    so we're not going to get Rosemary. Her biological mom is sueing to get more visitation (turning her from "low-risk" into "medium-risk") and her caseworker isn't sure whether or not they should place her with the other potential family (the one that was NOT us, which apparently has no kids and two parents, one of whom is "stay-at-home") or whether they should leave her in her current placement with her Foster folks who already have her and adore her (but who are too old to be considered for permanent adoption). Anyway, sum total is either she stays where she is, she goes to the other family or she goes back with her bio mom -- C'est la vie, thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you on your way out! Our Caseworker was telling me that now we should start looking at all the other counties' children and that this is all somehow a good thing. I dunno. I'm kind of sick of the whole thing to tell you the truth. Not like I'm dropping out or anything but I'm tired of wanting something so much that I have NO control over. Blah. This process sucks.

    Today I am in a fine mood

    I really am. I'm feeling fit as a freaking fiddle, cute as hell (although I am wearing some fancy, uber-hip pants I got yesterday which, I shudder to say, may be a bit "young" for me -- low-rise, tight, boot-cut -- I mean, I think they look fine but I keep trying to pull them up and my sweater down so as to better hide both my granny panties and my "nothing-to-be-ashamed-of!" baby-building stretch marks...! Sigh, I don't think old is in the fact that you necessarily stop looking good in things but more in the fact that it starts to bug you when your clothes aren't "comfortable" Anyway...) I've got my tea, I just finished a very yummy bagel. All is good with the Chick-ster's life.

    Class yesterday was fun. We got all heated about stuff. I actually may be developing a SLIGHT crush on Coffee-Boy but only because he's so intense about everything. i mean, my God! Can you imagine what it would feel like to have that level of intensity applied to yourself?? O.K. points to those of you who are thinking "stalker!" still though. In addition to pants (I know, I didn't really say anything about class but it's pretty standard stuff still. Clarifying but no real relevations, although my Prof did say she's going to try to steal me away from Mills -- Hee Hee! And leave Professor K.??! Never!!) I also bought some comic book porn which I like for a whole variety of reasons but mostly because i actually like the drawings. I mean, I figure if I'm going to look at airbrushed chicks doing stuff to each other it's only a hop-skip-and-a-jump to drawings of chicks doing stuff. Besides which, the drawn chicks can not only get into some unbelievable positions they can also have sex with Vampires and stuff, so there! Thing is, I'm reading these things on the BART on the way home and I'm struck by how funny the writing is. I mean one of the issues was called "Yuppies, Rednecks and Lesbians from Mars" and yes there were all sorts of women in various states of undress but there was also a commune of yuppie guys who were hiding out in the tunnels underneath the New York City library rotating the "usage" of a single blow-up doll that winds up getting riddled with bullets thereby forcing them out into the redneck run devastation that is post-apocalyptic New York!! I mean C'MON! That's more fun than those stupid "My boyfriend and i have always had an interest in gardening, and since we have a fairly high wall of primeroses surrounding the backyard, I've gotten into the habit of doing it in the nude. So, one day I was back there planting Hydrangeas thinking I was fairly secluded. Little did i know that my neighbor Rebecca and her handyman Floyd....!" O.K. so maybe I'm slightly interested in what gets shorn but still, gimme Biker babes with dragon pets and perky 44 D's anyday over "Beverly, whose interests include investment banking and skiing...!"

    Sheesh! How the heck did I even get on this topic?? Sorry, folks, I'm in a rambling mood. OH, it's been brought to my attention that some of you can't see the "comments" area in the timestamp at the bottom of each post. If you are one of those who cannot (and if you have a minute) could you please use the "talk to me" link at the right to send me a note re: which browser you're using -- including the version if poss. If too many people can't comment then I'll look into replacing the system. Tanks!

    Confidential to JT: Of course she's playing games, but have you considered that perhaps she feels like she has to to avoid getting invested and subsequently hurt Mr. Talking-about-how-much-you-dig-this-girl-whilst-having-sex-with-someone-else! In my humble opinion it is entirely possible that this girl you like is not as tough as she's acting and that if you were to step the hell up and let her know that you really want to be her main squeeze she might let her guard down a bit long enough to tell you where she's been all week-end. Just a thought. good luck.

    First the politics...

    Print out this mail ballot request form, fill it out and send it in.

    From [which, interestingly enough has been blocked by the filtering software at the state sponsored place where I currently work. ]:

    Mail voting is critical to beating the recall. More than half of normal polling places will be closed in this election due to time constraints, making many voters much less likely to get to a voting booth on October 7. Voting by mail is the answer.

    This Saturday we're kicking off our vote by mail campaign with something fun. We're going to gather in groups of 30 to 50 volunteers across the state to hand out ballot request forms and information in our communities. In one day we will help tens of thousands to vote. We could change the outcome of the recall election on Saturday. Click here to learn more and to pick a place for a gathering in your area:

    Reasons to reject the recall initiative (I know I'm preaching to the choir but what the hell...) also from MoveOn:

    10 Reasons Why the Recall is Wrong:

  • A single congressman brought us the recall with $1.7 million of his own money -- while simultaneously putting himself forward as the man to replace the governor.
  • The recall threatens to give California a governor elected by a tiny percentage of the electorate -- and gives wealthy individuals an unprecedented opportunity to attempt to buy the governorship.
  • It threatens to invalidate a fair election just months after it took place.
  • It sets a dangerous precedent -- if it succeeds why wouldn't opponents attempt to recall every future governor?
  • It's expensive: The recall election itself will cost over $60 million.
  • It prevents our elected leaders from working to solve the state budget crisis and other important issues by forcing them to campaign to defend the results of a fair election.
  • The cost to the economy is too great: a successful recall would cause enormous economic instability and loss of confidence.
  • This won't stop in California: 18 states have recall provisions. Unless the California recall is decisively rejected, sore losers in others states will continue to use this tactic.
  • The recall threatens California’s environment. Governor Davis has made important improvements to environmental law. Polluters see the recall as a chance for roll-back.
  • Gray Davis has made important gains in education, health care, the environment and public safety. The recall is an attempt to reverse those advances.

  • That's it folks. Recall = bad. Now then, back to our regularly scheduled program...

    Tuesday, September 09, 2003

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, this chick is brillant!

    The first line is, "It always happens at nighttime." The sixth line is, "Please mommy don't cry." Halfway down the page, the kid's hiding under his bed and near the end he's remembering a trip to the beach they all took when everyone was happy. The end is of course the kid pleading for mommy to wake up. Anyway, Mrs. Thompson will drop it into the assistant prinicipal's box before she leaves at 2:30 and family services should be on campus by next Wednesday to ensure that every step towards protecting the mother and child is ridiculously bungled, pretty much handing the father a handgun with two* live rounds in the clip, both of which will be discharged within six months.

    Happy A Nine Year Old Turns In A Poem About His Dad Beating The Shit Out Of His Mom Day!

    *Three live rounds should the father choose to turn the gun on himself after.

    -Pretty Girl


    Quick, what's the sexiest thing a hottie professor can say to her student as said student slouches into her office seconds away from being officially late?? Bonus points for anyone who answered: "I've been thinking about you!" team it with a gorgeous smile and we have box-office gold, my friends!! Gosh. i just really like her soooooo much. She's sooooo cute! and little (i know i keep saying that but when a person clocks in at 5'2" ish there's not alot of peeps in the world who need to look up to her if you get my drift...!) And it's not just the cute thing. it's the voice. And the hands! the tiny beautiful (short-nailed) hands...! K. Sorry. I'll stop... She loaned me a book! Two books from her very own library. She pressed them into my hands, leaned forward and said with a very sweet smile "if I don't get these back, I'm going to come looking for you!" {dying!!} O.K. seriously. enough. Who wants to listen to me go on and on and on (and on) ... She's 46, she lives in the East Bay, she's got a son -- she kept throwing around the "we" so I'm ash-uming there's a hubby in the picture -- probably been married for awhile, best friends but not really sexual anymore... Doubt if he'd feel particularly threatened if the wife developed this sudden "interest" in one of her students... at least, not at first -- Heh Heh Heh...(Ha! I wish!) She's all excited about me because she wants me to be a City Manager. She says she'll be my "advisor" (Tee Hee!)! Jest let me know who I have to talk to, people! Time's a wastin'!!

    Did I mention I'm giving up the coffee? Here's an exerpt from an e-mail I wrote to a friend of mine about it: "So, i'm jumping off the coffee boat and back into the land of tea. i used to be such a COMPLETE snob about the tea vs the but I slipped into corporate land and apparently abandoned every single moral and aesthetic principle I had and well, i think we can all see where it's gotten me. BUT no more I say! No more reliance on the brown frothy liquid just to maintain some semblance of good nature; no more dressing in virtually identical "decent" neutral colored tops simply because they're clean and not torn and I'm too tired to care; no more "blah blah blah" about how I'll probably be here in Corporate-land for "another coupla years, maybe more, who knows" -- I know, dammit! i will be OUT of here in three years, no longer! I will be looking for windows and massaging policy wonks in order to get my urban educations needs met. i will be fast tracking it toward City management! I will be wearing "smart", snappy separates with "fun" accessories! i will be a freaking inspiration and I will drink TEA!!!!!!"

    Sheesh! I don't why some people even talk to me anymore....

    * * *

    shari wrote:
    Well, I'm certainly going to stop talking to you. No more coffee. Jeeesh !

    Monday, September 08, 2003

    I love this girl...

    Reason one: I like the way she writes. e.g. "my beekeeping professor acts so smug about honeybees, like he invented them or something."

    Reason two: She lives in Maine or someplace obscure like that but also has managed to create and maintain a crush on a tweedy, "older" Professor person named "Zimmerman"! We are sooo obviously separated-at-birth it's almost scary! Except she's about ten years younger, paler, blonder and living on the east coast. Ah well. Nothing's perfect....

    In other news, I'm meeting up with my hottie teacher this eve to discuss "where I'd like to go" with this whole doctoral program thing... I know where I'd "like to go"...Heh Heh! [{gasp} who said that??! Who has been sneaking in here and typing on my keyboard??! Shocked! I am, just shocked! Eh hem...] but I'm not super sure she's that kind of teacher![again with the filth??!! I order you to cease and desist at once, Sir, or I shall have no other recourse but to seek legal action...!] Ah, well. I'll stick with the adoring grad student thing and see how far that gets me... At least I get to see her on a regular basis. That's better than some of my relationships!

    Big shout out to Sir J for his assistance in my efforts to secure a breadmaker! You are brillant! That's it, just brillant!

    I miss Pretty Boy. I not actually going to call him or anything because he's a very busy person and I'm acting like I understand that and am fine with it and more than occupied myself.... Still though.


    I'm also attempting to weane myself off coffee and it's proving difficult not so much in the "head-achey" physical way but more in a cranky, sad for no reason way. Although, I'm also expecting a visit from Auntie Flo sometime this week so the ole hormonal variance may have something to do with the moodiness as well. And on that note, isn't it GREAT that you, my public get all the intimate details vis a vis my cycle yet I'm unremittingly close-lipped about the details regarding actual traffic in and around that miraculous self-cleaning organ? (not that I trust the whole "self-cleaning" propaganda to the point where I won't give it a good swab every now and again but I do remember reading someting about leaving it to its own devices and it maintaining a fairly pristine set of working conditions all by itself -- although that particular brochure may have been about the "inner ear". i don't really know anymore...) Anyway, my point being: you all get stuck with the biology and none of the chemistry and damn it, I feel for you....!

    I was talking to Tony the other day and we were discussing some boy and in trying to describe the sheer amounts of baggage he came equipped with I said: "Let's just say he's going to take awhile going through customs!" Which made us both fall over laughing and which (since I give you nothing else) i thought I'd share with you all today. "Look!" I hear you saying en masse, "Chick is sometimes witty in real life! Let's keep reading in the hopes it translates to her writing...!" {again, with the sigh} I am in such a wierd mood....

    I had no idea...

    Seriously. I don't know exactly what I was thinking but i know for a fact that I hadn't the slightest idea what my beautiful big brother was getting himself into and consequently out of in participting in and actually finishing the Santa Cruz triathlon this past week-end. I am amazed. I am in shock and in awe and soooooo completely proud of the fact that I'm related to such a god amoung men! You go, bro! You're amazing!

    Friday, September 05, 2003

    Jury of my peers...

    Well, it would appear that an actual jury of my peers is close to assemblage as Best friend Q, the CP and Pretty Boy were all summoned yesterday to act as potential jurers for this fine county of ours... A finer representation of the diversity offered by our fine city could not have been happened upon and I am only made sad by the fact that I've not done anything recently to get myself impounded!

    Thursday, September 04, 2003


    Alrighty then, how's everyone doing? Good? Good. It has recently been suggested that the "comments" area of this blog is insufficient in that it is too damn tiny and "that nobody reads it anyway." Now, I for one, love the comments section primarily because when a loyal reader does deign to actually type something in, it's usually pretty funny (what can I say, it would appear that I am surrounded by people who are witty to a freaking fault!) thing is, not alot of people seem inclined to use the comments functionality more than sporatically. NOT that this is a problem. I'm all about the rambling on and on and on until someone calls the cops... What I would like to know though is IF I were to figure out a way to make the comments slighty more accessible to the general reading population (a task which may or may not involve a move to a whole other blogging system) would any of you be more likely to leave your thoughts? Conversely, if I left it the way it is but took it upon myself to periodically post those insights that, in my humble opinion, were particualrly apt/made me fall out of my chair would that suffice? Furthermore, do we think it would be my moral obligation to notify the individual before making their comment more public or is the fact that they left it in the first place enough to get me out of any potential legal situations vis a vis making those thoughts a bit more apparent...? My initial impulse here is to establish a "comments" area where I can copy and post any related notes that strike my particular fancy while still leaving the full comments section for persons to explore should I forget/not have time to regularly go back and edit past postings.... What do we think?

    K. Next. A super big shout to my splendid ex-co-worker buddy SAH who is currently frolicing in the sunny, bohemian climes of Ann Arbor, MI, who checked in this morning to say that all is well and who I miss terribly! This whole "you-working-somewhere-else" thing? I don't think that was such a good an idea after all.... So, you be coming back, when??

    Actually, along those lines I wandered in this morning completely sad that I haven't had a chance to check in with my boyz who are actually located right around the freaking corner! (Damn new job responsibilities! Damn school!) Luckily the always adorable Tony stopped by to remind me of my priorities and I was able to squeeze in a visit with not only his fine self but with my super-favorite Sir J as well!

    Sheesh. I've got a freaking lot going on right now. It's nice that everything seems to be falling into place but still....

    School. Love school. Still hot for teacher. After class on Tuesdee, Prof. K. suggested we get together to discuss "what I wanted to get out of her class" to see if she could "help me with anything" eh, hem... The aforementioned tete a tete happened yesterday and will happen some more on Monday since I was late (dur!) and she didn't feel like we had enough time to really get into the various ideas she had for "helping me advance"...! Sigh. I heart her. My Wed. class went well as well. Berk. Teacher is a bit scattered but fellow students are cute/smart seeming and I like roaming around the campus -- although I am SOOOOO taking BART from now on. It costs in the nieghborhood of 12.00 - 15.00 to park over there for one freaking 3 hour class!! Bastards! Anyway... I had a ton of reading to do and two little papers to write which I actually did so I feel pretty on top of my game (right this second. Check back with me in a week and I guarantee you, I'll be flailing...!) One of our readings for the class was/is Bone Black by bell hooks and I have got to say, it didn't really strike me the way I thought it would. I mean, this is pretty indicative of the type of review I associate with this particular memoir and I was really very excited to read it but, I dunno, it just didn't stike me as all that brillant. I mean, maybe I'm not aware enough of the time/space/issues that she's writing about to understand how powerful her living through them was but on some level, I guess I expect a writer to anticipate that.... To be perfectly honest, I responded to this book the same way I did to The Bluest Eye -- I LOVE Toni Morrison, I wanted to love this book, but I just couldn't get into the writing. I dunno. In a way I feel like a bad feminist or something but at the same time I have no problem getting completely into any of several (all) of Milan Kundera's books not because I know any more about communism in Prague than I do about the South during the early part of the century, but with Mr. Kundera I don't HAVE to know anything about the locale. The way that man puts words together to describe feelings/impressions is nothing short of genius and it never occurs to me to wonder if perhaps someone else might be getting more out of the text than I am....

    In other news, Big Brother is driving out tonight from New Mexico for a little visit and to participate in a triathlon. I, for one, am thrilled that he's coming out onna counta I heart him very much. I'm a teeny bit confused however as to how exactly one watches a triathlon -- given the various wide-ranging components...? Ah, well, I'm sure it will all become clear in by Sundee. Also arriving via plane will be the luverly Missus Bro and the Squirt whom I will be squiring about all day on Sat. Yay! I am fairly positive that much fun will be had by all.

    Last and certainly least, here's some political crap you'all might be interested in....

    * * * *

    sick of writing documents wrote:
    comments??? How about full on discussion board!! Time to post some inflammatory stuff and have at 'er. People should leave their names, or be an "anonymous coward", much like slashdot. Time to start some word wars...

    Chick wrote:
    Ha! and here's me thinking I've been inflammatory all along...!

    a loyal hockey fan wrote:
    I'm loving the comments section. Are they moderated, or do they go straight to production with no usability review? If not moderated, I'd basically be free to vandalize with whatever propaganda I see fit. Anyway, in terms of the Bush recall effort, those people approached me at a peace rally in February. It bothered me at the time because I think even poor decisions must be suffered through. I've watched many (failed) recall efforts come and go in my home province of BC. They're the same every time, big press release, big news, gether some signatures, less press, it dies off and fails to attract enough attention before the deadline. We all shake our heads and wonder why we suffered through it. The Davis recall appears to be a different story. It looks like it's really going to work. Scary stuff.

    Tuesday, September 02, 2003

    In a nutshell...

    Long weekend was Fab! Hope everyone out there had as GRAND a time as I did!! I'm currently moving into "the new space" here at work so I'll not linger long here in blog-land, just wanted to give a shout-out or two to the folks who enriched my life this week-end.

    First and foremost would be the Fabulous Miz B's! Thanks fer the loverly invite to the postponed-but-still-o-so-happening legalization of your family unit! It was very grand hanging with ya'all, not to mention a delight seeing the various babies basically marching out the door on their way to college!

    Next we have a very awfully warm squeeze for the front neighbors who were soooo very gracious to my wandering Boo after she got tired of me and decided she really wanted to visit with some other adults. I am well aware that an unexpected visitor (regardless how freaking adorable she may be) is, oftimes a bit much so I'm super-modo thankful that you guys not only took her in but even went so far as to teach her a skill! (That poker playing is going to come in handy the next time we get to Reno!)

    Let's see, then we have Mr. R-B Guy who not only allowed me to invade his domicile on Sundee but who also made the fifteen hour drive out to Oak-town on Mondee to assist in some serious planning for the loft re-assignment surgery. I am always delighted to find that my friends are so completely talented and this was yet another example of how gloriously lucky I truly am!

    Other minor players in the week-end but no less important were the fabulous Miss Tail with whom we dropped off a couch and then proceeded to breakfast with and Mistah Lovah-Lovah who supplied the aforementioned couch. Awfully good to see both of you! I really don't get to hang with either of you nearly as much as I probably should (really!) but my goodness, when I do squeeze in the random visit I am simply struck by the quality-personess of both of you. Really, you're just phenomenal!

    Whew! I think that's mostly it. If I forgot anyone, please know it's because I'm all flustered and trying to figure out why my keyboard is soooo freaking high at this new station and not because you who were not instrumental in my happiness. Kisses all round! Mwah, mwah!! More later if time permits......