Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Girls and little babies

My Big girl has a car! a delightful little VW Jetta that she's using to get to and from WORK! Yup. she has a job too. and did i mention she's worked her way through all of her college applications/essays and that she still talks to me and that I CANNOT stand how cool she is??? My Little girl also = cool. she too, continues to astound me with her ability to handle herself and her "situations"... to be clear, I do NOT appreciate all the attitude she throws around the house at times, but she is such a champ at dealing when she's out in the world! As for the rest of the life... it's going. We're pretty anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Grand-nephew, Lil V.(due dec. 15th!!!) beyond that, just really trying to make it through this crazy month/work situation without going ballistic/curling up under my desk in a tiny, mewing, ball of "can't deal" and staying there until spring! {sigh}