Monday, December 23, 2013

Conversation with my 16 year old daughter

Her: mom. I think i'm pregnant.
Me: [driving] yeah? Why?
Her: I'm tired all the time and i'm gaining weight.
Me: Have you been visited by any angels of the lord?
Her: Not that i know of.
Me: Are you having sex?
Her: Wha??! EW! No. Why would you even ask that! {gagging sound}
Me: [smiling] O.K., o.k. Immaculate conception, then. You're about to produce the next messiah.... Well, you're a little older than the others but I guess it holds conceptually.

[Continuing to drive]

Her: [under her breath, looking out the window] sex?! Ew.

that's my gal.

And, no folks, she is not, in fact pregnant. Sad,because i sort of liked the idea of being the next Savior of humanity's Na-nah. ;-)

Portraiture anyone?

Exciting!!! Apparently, Leland bobbe, a very awfully amazing photographer thinks I have "an interesting look" and would be open to having me sit for him {squeal!!} - all I have to do is come up with his (reduced) fee and enough money to get to NYC and I'm golden! Seriously, I'm sort of in awe of his portraiture and I think it would be amazing/lovely to have my mid-forties documented by him.... must think, must think, must think.... Maybe a "gofundme" project set up to cover studio plus flight?? I could ask folks to donate in lieu of birthday presents...! I dunno. is that too weird/self-serving? {sigh} Why am i not independently wealthy???????