Friday, February 25, 2005

The definitive rendition...

My Seven-year-old will be giving THE definitive rendition of a runaway slave tonight in her School's Black History Month assembly. I know, you all to a person wish you were me if only for the 20 minutes during which she will be up there emoting about her coming "Freedom" ... sorry folks, there's barely enough room in this skin for me but should an opening turn up, I'll make sure you're notified. Thanks for checking in and please feel free to continue checking back!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


It hailed yesterday. Hail. Like frozen rain. In February. In California fer chrissakes! I mean, it was nice as "teaching moments" go since me and the big kid had JUST gotten through reading about how it hailed in some city somewhere in North Dakota over the weekend and she was wondering what exactly hail was and I couldn't quite explain the concept of rain that was frozen yet still somehow wasn't snow and it was especially nice because we got to bundle up and sit on the porch and watch it come slamming down... but still. Hail.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Yet another case of apples not falling...

Spent the morning with the Bee children today. Absolute fabulosity the whole squeakin' lot of em! Completely adorable. makes me wish I had four more!Then, after they'd gone, Boo and I had the following conversation re: Mr. Johnny Depp who will be starring in this masterpiece

Boo: They're making a new chocolate factory.
Me: Who's they?
Boo: The movie people.
Me: The movie people are making a new chocolate factory?
Boo: Yup. Only without Gene Wilder. This one has a new guy as Willie Wonka.
Me: Oh...! They're remaking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Boo: It's Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, actually.
Me: Of course.
Boo: Except there's a new Wonka.
Me: Uh huh. [No idea who she's talking about]
Boo: He's got hair like this [touches shoulders] and nice eyes.
Me: Hmmm. [Still no idea]
Boo: I like how his eyes go with his mouth.
Me: Really?
Boo: Uh huh. He's cute. Johnny Something.
Me: Johnny Depp?
Boo: That's it.
Me: Is Willie Wonka?
Boo: Uh huh.
Me: Really?
Boo: Uh huh.
Me: [pause to let this sink in] He is cute.
Boo: [Once again right but, as always, too kind to say so] Mmm hmmm.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Whoo Hoo!

I just found out that my beautiful big Brother and his lovely wife, following in the footsteps of their beloved Chick, and have gotten themselves approved as Foster Parents! Further, I am told that they will soon be receiving a delightful baby boy into their little fosternest. "Soon" as in, NEXT WEEK! "Baby" as in 2 months old. I believe this little person may be a distant relative of the wife and I'm not sure what that all means in terms of whether or not they are permanently expanding their family but I still think it's beyond cool and I am not bitter at all about the fact that their entire certification/placement process took approximately one month! C'est la vie. We Magnets must expand in whichever way the world requires of us, no...? :-]

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blah! But still o.k. :-]

Happy late VD everyone! I'm tired and stressed and not just a little PMS-ey so I'll not linger/bore you with my ranting... Maybe tomorrow I'll be more in the mood to yak. In the meanwhile, look at this.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Congratulations, BTW...

To my beautiful niece and her brand spankin' new baby girl! Whoo Hoo! Welcome to the family, TJ. Pull up a chair. Stay awhile! We're glad you could join us!


I'm sick. I was sick yesterday, I'm sick today and I will no doubt be sick tomorrow. I do NOT however have two broken wrists so that puts me one step ahead of Pretty Boy, the ex-snowboarding king of the world!

In other news, my eldest child pointed out to me yesterday that my youngest is left-handed -- which is cool (hope it lasts) which, of course brings up the issue of how LAME am I that I didn't notice something as basic as her eating, writing and turning pages with her southern paw before this? My brain is gone. Also interesting, Mistah L-L dropped by the other night right around Spark bedtime and for some reason (I don't know how or why) my little angel who is accustomed to, if not actually screaming, at least kicking and thrashing around in a grumbly sort of way, the second the lights go out -- didn't. She just went to sleep. It was bizarre. Boo and I were amazed. Boo thinks it's because Mistah L-L reminds Spark of her other "uncle" who is tall and whom she a-dores and whom she spent the first year of her life with and that kind of makes sense. Pretty much regardless though, we both agree that it is now incumbent on Mistah L-L to put in an appearance every night at Chez Chick circa 7:30 for the rest of our lives so my child will go to sleep in as peaceable manner as possible. No need to hang around or anythinng. Really what we're looking for is the "pop-in." In lieu of that, perhaps we could get some sort of large cardboard cut-out...

Friday, February 04, 2005

My darling friend here at work has just informed me that she's given me a nickname. I'll not say what it is but I will say that it is Dee-lightful!

I get PAID to do this??!

Just got a call from Marketing asking if I could possibly assist with this event. They want me to take polaroids of Ms. Hartley as she poses with her random adoring fans. Now, for those of you who may have missed the key elements here -- I. get. to. stare. at Nina Hartley. for two hours. whilst simultaneously doing everything in my power to make her and whomever she's with "give it up for the camera!" -- there is a god and she loves me!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rock and Roll!!

Ha, My baby likes the Heartbreakers! I made a tape for the children from this Kid's Travelin' Songs CD I had and there was room at the end so I slipped in a few of the classics and I swear to gawd, my two-year-old got THE bigest smile on her face when Tom Petty's "Waiting" came on. I mean she was de-lighted! Nice. (she was slightly less enthralled with Meatloaf - "I won't do that!" but I can see the Meatboy being more of an aquired taste...)

In other news, DB showed up at my place last night with THE tiniest girl I think i've ever seen. Seriously, this chick topped out at 4 foot 6 or something like that. She was Boo-sized. Cute like a Bratz doll just so itty-bitty. I took the liberty to explain to him (whilst she was availing herself of the "facilities") that I had just completed one adoption and wasn't really in the mood to try aquiring another child right this second only to find that he was offering up this tiny being as a possible love-match for the Chickster! I know. I was/am/will continue to be shocked. And appalled. And a little bit flattered. Thanks, DBs, you're sweet, but I think I'm good.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sweet God in heaven!

I just found out that my Niece's baby, TJ is due to be sliced out of one of her mom (one of the coolest gals ever to grace this planet with her presence) on Monday, Feb. 7th!!!!!! {breathe} wow. I'm gonna be a Grand-Auntie....

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lyle was great...

Thanks for asking. Just fabulous. The entire evening was splendid. That Miss Tail is a gem, I tell ya, a gem! Extra mondo thanks to the Bee family (again) for hosting my children -- you all continue to amaze me with you overall fabulosity and I soooooo owe you big time.

Two other things worth mentioning: last week I took the Boo to the dentist to have major filling work done plus sealants applied and SHE WAS GREAT! I mean, beyond great. Granted her new dentist is pretty much the bee's knees as well, but seriously, my little girl was a trooper like nobuddies bidness and she deserves her own special shout-out! Good going, Boo. you rock!

Then, too, there was a "date" that happened which was painful at best and really not worth dwelling on right this second -- suffice to say this person thought my having kids was "awesome!" which is true but for someone to announce something like that(who doesn't have kids of her own) pretty much before being offered any evidence whatsoever of their respective fabulousness... well, it just smacks of pandering and I will not be pandered to! Plus, she wasn't all that appealing to me in terms of cuteness. I think it really goes without saying that had my Green-eyed OOMA said the exact same thing at the exact same stage of her and my relationship I would have not only fallen more instantly in love, I would have marveled at her incredible insight. Ah me. Such are the vagaries of life...