Friday, August 28, 2009

Just because i can't think of anything else to worry about today

I was remembering when i was a kid up until I turned 12 I thought my mom was GOD. Literally, I believed the woman hung the moon and the stars. Then I turned 12 and something happened and now we're where we are now. polite. interested sometimes but really, no connection at all. My Big Big Girl is about to turn 12. I know i'm being an idiot but on some very real (albeit relatively tiny) level I'm kinda freaking out... Seriously. what is my problem??

Sunday, August 23, 2009


A long lost buddy of mine is a teacher in Hunter's Point (here in the Bay Area) -- her kids need a new aquarium for the class fish. Go here to donate a few bucks if anyone has some spare "scratch".... Heh. and don't think I don't get how deeply ironic it is that i'm trying to make the world safer for those fish while at the same time I'm basically decimating the tiny population of them living in my Big Big Girl's room! (I can't help it! Cycle of life and all of that!!!) I am trying to work on that part as well though. With the guided help of a certain BBQ I've acquired an trout; now with some gelatin, snake vitamins and "interestingly shaped" ice-cube trays, I'm ready to go to town with the mixing of the frozen reptile food for those of us to squeamish/empathetic to continue with the live feeding part of snake ownership. I'll let everyone know how it works out. :-)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just call me God-Auntie!

YAY! Welcome little K. L-L (henceforth referred to as K-Love.) Born 3:30am on Aug 20, 2009. 7lbs 3 ounces. Seriously one of the most beautiful babies I think I've ever seen. (And his poor sleepy momma is no slouch either!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tick-tock, tick-tock...

The Mister and Mizzus L-Ls went into the horspital today to see if they can convince their baby to come out. no word yet. I've got hard money says it's a boy. The Wife thinks it's a girl. The Wife does not realize that in these matters I am never wrong. Except for that one time with the Big Big Girl who i was pretty sure was also going to be born boy... ah, well... here's sending happy healthy wishes for a not too stressful birth and successful (quick) recovery, as well as all my love to this overdue child's really quite spectacular parents!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I lost Boo's snake yesterday. I found it (thirty extraordinarily long, freakishly tense minutes later after carefully moving every single item lining three of the four walls in her room...) but still. There was a minute there where I totally knew I was disowned.

In quick other news, the Little Big One is watching Lawrence Welk. She just learned how to turn the TV on and that's what was on so she's watching it. Cute.

In still even more other quick news, got to watch the Wife play some tennis this afternoon and was once again impressed by a few things. 1) she's hot! (I mean, really) 2) She's really very good. I know she doesn't think she's good but I'm pretty amazed she's even out there after practicing for days on end in the 50-thousand degree heat actually returning balls (to the tune of other players calling out "nice shot!" and "good rally!" -- dunno what any of that means really but o.k.) 3) I heart her BFF, ERG so much! Like more than i sometimes think is seemly for an old married woman. Suffice to say Wife Masks were created so the entire cheering section could be more easily recognized and they. were. AWESOME! {sigh} so many quality people in the world. I'm delighted I get to hang out with such a comprehensive swath of them.

Anyways... snake = lost then found. Me = lucky. really, REALLY lucky... :-p

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No real "upshot" to vaccinations!

Alright, so sure I've heard all about how we're miraculously 85% free of all sorts of curable/preventable children's health issues due to the ever advancing technology that is the vaccination but still.... I took the Big Big Girl in today for a checkup and ended up signing off on THREE separate shots (one of which is ostensibly to prevent contracting a sexually transmitted disease that over 65% of our -- still seemingly fully functioning -- population has and which may or may not = some significant studies done but jury still basically out, lead to certain types of cervical cancer...) i dunno. It's just all so highly suspicious and given the deep mistrust I have believing every other claim that comes out of the drug creation and pushing industry it makes it very hard not to think I'm signing my kid up to be some sort of guinea pig a la thalidomide and those babies born without arms in the early 60s but at the same time I'm staring at a document that says she may not be allowed to go to school unless she has at least some of these shots (This time the Menegitis one) being proffered by a woman I trust so I sign and the Boo gets stuck.... feels weird and coerced but also sort of inevitable. Ah, well, at least i know who to sue should anything go horribly wrong.

In other news, these past few days have been fab. Tennis was played, baby albino snakes were procured, scary amounts of long hair was re-attached to my head, BFFs were supped with.... S'all good and lovely but also very tired-pants making. Look forward to a more in-depth recitation once I've had some actual sleep. Until then, I leave you with a quote:

"Learning how to think really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think... being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to... how you construct meaning from experience."

I am reminded of this delightful musing by the one (the only) David Wallace Foster because I have only just unearthed an entire gaggle of friends who i've not spoken with/really thought about in fifty million years (high school) but who are proving so delightful to correspond with I can hardly even stand it! It is in repeatedly delivering the summation of the past 20 years of my life that I'm really coming to terms with (that's right I said "coming to terms" We Doctors can do that!) the idea that a whole bunch of stuff that seemed life-alteringly, crushingly, crucially important at the time, doesn't actually make it into the abridged version and that's o.k. Anyway. i'm tired and the wife is being all warm and attractive so... outtie for now. more when I think of it. :-)

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Great-grand-nephew #2 -- or whatever the relationship is is when you're amazing, cool-beyond-words niece brings her third bouncing baby child into this world! Damon Scott Hughes born at 8:23 am, 6lbs 2oz 19 inches. A literary star-to-be if ever there was one. Yay, yay, yay! i predict great things from this one.... (from the last two as well -- really, there's no branch of this big ole familial tree that doesn't just delight the hell out of me right now!)

Yay, also to my Big Big Girl who successfully completed her first summer at SB and who had her big show last night summarizing all the fabulousness that went on all summer. And thanks to the Bees for letting me take their kid with us to the big event as well. Sorry, I sort of forgot she was "on loaner" -- I'll be better about the whole "giving them back part" next time, I promise.....

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Still Mrs. Doctor to you!

Happy Paper Anniversary to us! I wonder when we get to the Rock, Scissors part...? Seriously though, I get that I'm stressed/crabby right now and that there's a higher than average likelihood that I may sustain serious bodily injury just existing this week but I'm still so very happy to be married to my Sweetheart. As we are all WELL aware, i wasn't so much into this whole hitched thing the vast majority of the life so having had it (not unlike my greatness) thrust upon me as it were, I'm just so delighted that it seems to be going well.

Also, kind of thrilled that the BBQ is finally coming home(in fact may already have arrived back on our sunny shores), and that this past weekend was so nice what with the tennis viewing, and the dance class watching and the hammock procurement.... Plus, i'm liking working with IHOEL especially alot right now -- feeling very "sorting things through" and "potentially productive" and whatnot.... You know what, I'm actually not sure I do have anything to be crabby about. Forget I said anything. Just happy, happy, joy, joy all the way round....