Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Is it still "irony"...

If it's shown "edited for content" on network TV all chopped up to make room for 47 minutes worth of commercials??

K. So, mistake #1 was thinking I could "just sit down for a minute and see what was on the tube." It's not Tuesday so I know my favorite show isn't going to be there. It's not channel 9 so I know it's fairly likely going to be drivel but with a lead-in like "King of the Hill" and a few well-placed shots of Rosario Dawson -- well, let's just say I HAD to watch!

Josie and the Pussycats. The movie. Edited for network TV. Ironic commentary on pop culture starring (among others) indie queen Parker Posey or useless crap that wasn't all that outre in the first place finally realizing it's ultimate ironic moment by sheer dint of being split apart and wrapped around ads for painter's tape, Gatorade and classic Lays. I'm sorry folks. I tried. But not even Rosario could save this ship from going down! Mmmmmmmmmm.... Rosario Dawson going down......

"Small" doesn't EVEN begin to describe it...!

It's a small world! Ha!

Me: [speaking to dispatcher at towing agency who is sending someone out to get my car and take it to the world's best mechanic in SF.] Uh, yeah, I need to get a Volvo station wagon towed from Oakland to San Francisco.
Dispatcher: O.K. We can do that for you. Name?
Me: Chick. Magnet.
Dispatcher: Chick... Magnet... wait, I know that name. You have a daughter named "Boo"?
Me: Yup. {???!}
Dispatcher: I'm Ex-Girlfriend's sister.
Me: Oh! Well... Hi! Um, how are you doing?
Dispatcher: Good.
Me: Great!


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Five Days and counting...

Right. So, it has been five days since I've been without a crush object and it may just be me but somehow the sky seems a little less bright today... Could be the fog and low-hanging clouds but I'd really prefer to think it's all about me and my particular needs.

Poor Miss Bee had an horrendous evening last night trying to deal with this lemon of a car I foisted upon her. I'll spare you the gorey details, let's just say things didn't go exactly as well as they perhaps should have and not only does Miss Bee deserve a warm hug for not completely losing it immediatley upon realizing that she wouldn't be getting all the way back to her wife and thirteen babies any time soon -- Mr. Travelin' Man ALSO deserves a HUGE shout out for braving the wilds of inter-city traffic and lending a hand! Yay! to both of you. We wuv. I am sorry my car crapped out so early in the game. I'll see what my people can do vis a vis getting your loaner chariot fixed so that you can once again be on your merry way!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Everything's fine.

Sunday was fun. Marching was great. I liked being out and the kids behaved amazingly. CP and her lovely SO chipped in with an impromptu assist so the actual parade part went remarkably smooth.... Not sure what else to write. I could say lots, I guess but I'm tired.

(Gosh, ever since my BBQ told me she'd been fooling around reading other people's blogs I've been thinking I need to get in here and write something exciting and fun. Something new and different, you know, keep that energy we used to feel alive... but, right now, I'm exhausted. Plus, I have a headache.)

Is this what Lesbian Blog-death looks like?

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I'm here...

I'm a mom, I'm tired. Get used to it! So, I'm not out as an dyke tonight. I tried. I really did but after a full morning/early afternoon meeting with caseworkers, attending AcroSports classes and browsing Haight St. rummage offerings (followed by 45 minutes of driving around the Mission looking for parking) I glanced over at my two sleeping babies and realized that it was more important to me that they continue to sleep than it was for us to join that glorious sisterhood known as the Dyke March! I figure 1) they'll do just just fine without me, 2) I'd probably get really sick of telling all those peeps I only run into once a year at this particular event the history of my suddenly being with two childs and 3) I don't really need reminding re: the sheer numbers of dykes in the world who aren't even really considering having sex with me right now.

So, instead took the babies to the children's park at Lake Merritt where swinging happened, faces were painted and babies got supper. All in all a vastly superior evening I must say!

Except for this one thing. K. so I know I need to get used to this kind of thing but still....

Lady who was painting Boo's face kept telling her she was beautiful (which, as we all know, she is!) thing is after she finished she glances at Spark and says "She's yours too?" I say "Yup!" She says "they look different." I say "They are different." She continues to stare at my Spark with a non-smiling, kinda perplexed look on her face. I say (and I'm kicking myself now that I didn't just leave it...) "She's adopted." Face clears up. "Oh!" she says "Well, congratulations. But she's your real daughter right?" with nod at Boo. "They're both my real daughters!" (SHOULD have said.) "Yup." (actually said. Then walked away with painted Boo feeling weird so promptly started this inappropriate conversation with my up until then quite happy/oblivious child)
Me:"So, when stuff like that happens it makes me sad for Spark."
Me:Because she's me "real" child too.
Me:Well, that lady was saying that you're really pretty and by NOT saying that you guys are alike she's sort of implying that Spark isn't....
UUTQH/OC:is she?
Me:Of course!
UUTQH/OC:As pretty as me?
Me:Um... differently pretty. I mean, you're REALLY pretty
Me:Honey? What's up?
UUTQH/OC:[very sad] She's already cuter than me, now she has to be prettier too
Me:That's not what I'm saying! You're beautiful!
UUTQH/OC:But you got sad because that lady liked me.
Me:No! That's not what I'm saying...
UUTQH/OC:[blinking away tears] then why are you sad?
Me:I'm not! I'm just.... I'm sorry.

I suck.

Anyway. Tomorrow I'll be out and proud. Tonight, I'm just trying to not completely suck as a parent.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Took the babies down to San Jose yesterday to indulge in some quality JC Penny photographic moments with Foster Grandma et al. Have I mentioned that Ex Foster Mom is GREAT! Well, she is. Very admirable. She's going to make a stellar grandmotherly addition to the family! Anyways, fun in a "mall" kind of way but EGG-sausting! Kind of glad to be back at work actually. Ha! Show of hands for those of you who NEVER thought they'd hear that come out of my mouth! K. In other news, I'm not allowed to like my Pretend Girlfriend anymore which makes me less than ecstatic but whatever. Life happens. -- or rather I can like her all I want but I'm not allowed to wish/talk about/try to finagle her into liking me back so.... applications are now being accepted for a new full-time crush object. Must be vivacious, drop-dead adorable, at LEAST 32 years of age and able to make me fall over laughing even if I entered the conversation pratically suicidal. Especially if I entered the conversation suicidal. Liking of babies is a plus as is O.K. ness with irrational assumptions of ownership on my part and the occassional need to deliver the exact same advice over and over and over irregardless of my ever adhering to it. Line forms to the left people. Photo not necessary but short stories would be nice!

Also, in light of me and my PG's new imaginary relationship, I will henceforth refer to her as "Ole Green Eyes" a la Chachi from Happy Days. Cheers!

Monday, June 21, 2004



Boo: I can't do whatever I want. I have to listen to you.
Me: You can do whatever you want. The only reason you have to listen to me right now is because I'm supposed to be making sure you don't get hurt. I've been alive longer than you so I know more about not getting hurt than you do so you should listen to me until you're old enough to have figured it out.
Boo: How old?
Me: 46.
Boo: No! How about 18?
Me: O.K.
Boo: 17?
Me: No!

Dirty Boy: So, what are you going to do about your life?
Me: What about my life? My life is great!
Dirty Boy: I mean the "adult" part
Me: What "adult" part?
Dirty Boy: {smug silence}...
Me: Shut up!

Random Stranger: How old are your babies?
Me: Six and one and a half.
Random Stranger: And when's the other one due?
Me: ...?
Random Stranger:{with meaningful glance at my tummy -- smile} How many months are you?
Me:{scowl} I'm not any months.

Sparkle: Bahbahbahbah!!
Me:{absentmindedly - picking up dirty clothes} Really!
Sparkle: Mahtoblhhhhpppp!
Me:{absentmindedly - picking up toys} You don't say....
Sparkle:{looking at Boo's videos} Movie!
Me:{suddenly paying attention - amazed} You want to watch a movie?
Sparkle: Yeah!

Me:{getting dressed} ...
Boo:{delighted} Yay! You look like a teen-ager!
Me:{nonplussed - entirely unsure where to go with that} My clothes?
Boo: Uh huh.
Me: Is that good?
Boo: I guess.
Me: Should I change?
Boo: No. You can be my big sister.
Me: Got it. Who's going to be your mom?
Boo:{shrug} I don't really need one do I?

Saturday, June 19, 2004

The horror...!

I have just been informed by Bazaar that "dishelved hippy","maxi-coats", and "pink as a 'statement'" are out. Damn. I was this close to being cutting edge!

K. now, let's see where were we... Took Miss Sparkle to the Doctor on Wed. so they could check her "pincer grasp" and get me all worried about her apparent "lack of it." Whatever. I have a huge issue with medical peeps (however well-meaning) attempting to quantify/evaluate babies and their development vis a vis agreed upon "stages." I mean on the one hand all the literature re: what kids are "supposed" to be doing in the first grade is all about reassuring caretakers that "children learn at different speeds and that some skills may be temporarily 'lost' as new ones develop." yet at the same time I'm supposed to get all freaked out and start searching for a qualified physical therapist all because my 13 month old isn't (theorhetically -- the Dr. didn't actually have anything small for her to try to pick up) "pincing things"! Annoys me. Also, what is up with hospitals needing to take a litre of blood every every single time they see your kid? Sheesh. I loves me some Oakland Children's Hospital but I really can't stand the western medical profession.

In other child-related news, the Boo made me laugh so hard i swallowed my gum the other day when we were driving home. We'd just been having a super serious discussion about how someone can be your friend yet still not be very nice when she says (all serious face and quiet tone) "Mommy can I ask you a question?" "Sure Sweetie," I reply (with concerned frown) "You can ask me anything."

"Are you looking for free checking?" saith she.
"Huh?" Saith me
"or how about an iPod" she suggests reading the next billboard we pass.

This continues until I can't even stand it any longer and am about to die laughing then she sums up by glancing at an advert for the newest BMW and announcing "It's just another Toyota!" {sigh, wipe eye} I love that kid.

Not really much else going on. Both childrens are responding well to their new day watching. Miss Sparkle will be starting to go from 8am-3pm on Mondee and if all continues to go well, she'll be in full-time as of week after next and I'll be back in the trenches (which I've surprisingly missed of late) trying to meet some serious deadlines/prove some key people didn't make one freaking horrible mistake by every thinking I was in any way qualified to do anything.

Oh! Saw my PG on Thursday which was GREAT although she made me feel guilty by inquiring whether or not I've spoken to Pretty Boy lately. Nope. I suck. Which reminded me that I've also not called my BBQ in about a year and a half either and while I could possibly continue living should Mr. Boy decide he never wanted to speak to me ever again (not really), I will never be over requiring the constant attention/guidance doled out by the ever-sweet Best Buddy Q meaning, of course, that at the very least I'm gonna have to get the hell over the "too busy" thing and give that gal a call!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

you know what's wierd? That a cat can totally understand that a baby is a baby and not only let itself be totally abused but will also get that the baby "doesn't mean it" and will continue to hang around it. One of my cat won't even stay in the house if Sparkle is awake but my other one lets himself be pulled, pinched, slept on and dragged around by his foot -- all without hissing, running away and/or scratching (inadvertant or otherwise). Sweet, because it's obvious Spark adores him but wierd nonetheless...

two things...

1) My balance is totally shot. Seriously, I keep almost falling over and am constantly dropping things. Could be total lack of sleep, could be all the drugs I did in the late eighties. I honestly don't know but it is COMPLETELY DISCONCERTING.

2)I have gone completely out of my head and am writing random stories to people pretending to be someone/somewhere else. hmmm. Pretty sure Freud would have something to say about that but I really can't think about it right now.

That's it. Going to go put away groceries now before driving into the city to attend an training without the Baby (Miss Tail, you rock!). Quick show of hands -- who wants to be me right now? {sigh} Ah well, c'est la vie and all of that. G-ma always said "You can do anything for two weeks!" She never mentioned the state you'd end up in though once those two weeks were through. P'raps I will give her a call and inquire....

Monday, June 14, 2004


Yay! My very favorite Bee (aside from Little B and the twins, of course) has passed her very last entry-into-the-glamorous-world-of-credentialled-teaching-programs test!!!!! She is brillant and amazing and I am unbelievably impressed! In fact, I officially have a new hero! Whoo Hoo!

Low-carb Coke??

Is there nothing sacred??!

K. So, moving on. Going on a camping trip to Yosemite with a One year old who you've only known for three weeks....? Not such a stellar idea. Inviting the Ex to go with? Priceless! Not that I didn't have a very fabulous time and not that I'm not grateful to the Mistah L-L crew for including us in their shin-dig but sheesh! A few things I realized from this particular excursion:

1) The single most traumatic sound in the entire universe is the whimpering sound of a Baby who hasn't had a nap in 13 hours and who FINALLY fell asleep an hour ago, who is just about to wake up screaming in a tent shared with a six year old and her other co-parent, in an otherwise crowded campsite, after everyone else in the valley has also finally gone to sleep.

2) The single most horrific realization vis a vis the aforementioned circumstance -- that the bottle/formula is "outside" in the "bear locker" (lest they smell the sweetness and come investigating) and that the keys to the car are somewhere in the tent (possibly in CP's wadded up jeans) under the two other surprisingly still sleeping occupants.

Yup. These are the moments when you hope God realizes that all those things you said you'd do if the Baby would just please go back to sleep...? You were just kidding. Mostly.

Trip was not all horrible though. Yosemite is beautiful and it was hot and we found a stream/tiny beach that was amazing... Plus Mistah L-L and crew were wonderfully sweet and accomodating. I think it's just a matter of scale. Drive out was a bit too far, camping party was a bit too large, expectations for relaxation a bit too unrealitic, etc. etc. We're hoping to try again at the Russian River (45 minutes away) without the CP, with a bit more preparation vis a vis baby sleeping habits in unfamiliar places and with a modified Mistah L-L crew (meaning fewer people to annoy by having to constantly alter plans due to child readiness) sometime in July.

In other news, both little girls had their first days today. Boo is ensconced at an Fabulous summer camp wherein she will learn to swim! (Know what one of the best things about your kid starting summer camp is? Flirting with all the tanned and beautiful 24-something camp counselors so they'll be especially nice to your child! What up Jorge!) Sparkle spent her first hour-and-a-half at the DayCare she will be hopefully calling home for the next 4 years and she also did wonderfully. She was a teeny bit tired due to lack of morning nap plus week-end excitement but all in all she handled herself like a trooper! I was dispatched to a cafe to while away the time whilst she became "acclaimated" which was fun because I actually got to write some real letters/stories to some peeps. The kind with paper and envelopes and stamps and stuff! I know!! I'm being sent away tomorrow morning as well so I may just continue this writing rampage...!

{sigh} Right now though...I'm tired. I woke up at 5:00am on Sat. to get everything assembled and packed for the Yosemite trip. Didn't sleep Sat. night due to unhappy Baby-ness and bizarre half-sitting "sleeping" position which needed to be maintained all night so finally-sorta-sleeping Baby would not get joggled/re-awakened, and woke early this morn to get the troops ready to start their collective new adventures. Tonight, though...! Tonight, I sleep...!

Friday, June 11, 2004


I want all my days to be like this. Well. Minus the serious loss of "it" this morning when my baby decided she didn't need any more sleep circa 5:30am/didn't want to be held/didn't want to be put down/woke up my big girl who thought it was funny that the baby was awake but needed to suddenly be held herself/and who wasn't particularly hungry either... all on top of the fact that I stayed up late last night to finish this thing we have to post every Friday by noon but I didn't get it finished so I needed Sparkle to at least pretend she could exist without screaming for more than 15 minutes at a time. In the livingroom. While I worked in my bedroom. And her big sister ignored her to watch Sesame Street. Anyway.... Once all that was over we all went out for a little walk and had THE BEST TIME! I love Oakland! I love being out in the world with my beautiful babies! I love not getting all stressed out about everything. Seriously, once we moved away from the madness my world was perfect. I don't really think it's the new Baby per se that's making me a bit crazy I think it's the feeling that I'm doing things in the wrong context. Baby at work meetings/working at home when kids expect attention etc. just throws everything out of whack. But, it's all good right this second. Big Sis is perfect (and sweet and watching her Totoro movie -- thanks TM!) and Little One is asleep. Soon I will be showering then I'll start getting ready for the mondo-huge camping trip we're taking with Mistah L-L this week-end! Whoo Hoo!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

and the word for today is...

Ineffectual! Man, I just got out of an "overview/status" meeting at work that kicked my ass! i mean, f***. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and for some reason it all feels like it's my fault. Or rather it's not specifically my fault but it's happening and I'm not there and so it feels like I should 1) at least know more than I do about it, 2) do something more than I am doing about it and/or failing that 3) at least be around to support the bastards who ARE there trying to sort things out.... {sigh} I mean, I get that I need to do this (aka bond with my new child) but it's hard not to feel responsible when crap happens in my department and people need me to decide things or assure them about things or make phone calls about things and I've got two kids in tow and fifteen minutes to spend on any given item... Plus, I'm tired. Blah.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Now see... that is why I dont' like being annoyed with people. It's a waste of energy on the one hand and it makes me forget the truly important stuff (e.g. how very splendid it was to attend the Boo's graduation-from-the-first grade/pizza party!) Sigh. I just don't understand why people try -- actively try -- to make their lives as dismal and pathetic as possible then try to get you to buy into their stupid world view. I used to think they were weak. People like that. That they didn't have any backbone and couldn't stand up for themselves to something that was sensible. But the thing is, sometimes these people have TONS of backbone. Sometimes they're incredibly persistent and motivated and energentic. It just happens to be in a wrong, stupid, self-serving direction is all. What are you gonna do with that? Anyways. Went to see my Butter-Boo be a big girl first grader one last time which was GRAND! She's coming here tonight as well and we have all day tomorrow and Friday to hang out and play! Yay! I love that kid.

Total hate...

Well, not really. There's this one lady though who hand-to-god I would schedule for extermination in a freaking heartbeat if I 1) had the authority and 2) heard that any other person needed any of the resources she's currently consuming, things like air, space, MY time.... Anyway. Baby's waking up but i just had to put that out there. Hope everyone else is doing swimmingly!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Back to Hootchie...

So, I'm out doing some power walking the baby and I notice that (as tends to happen when one is out with an adorable child) sundry passer-by tend to chat us up quite a bit. Ar least they tend to chat her up. Me, they ignore. Which is annoying. "Hey!" I think. "I'm a person too!" but then at the same time whenever an passerby does look in my direction, perhaps with a raised eyebrow and a slight smile/"How YOU doin'?" Wink, wink I get all bristly "You can NOT seriously think I have the time/interest/energy to pay attention to you!" I think, all affronted dignity and asexual Mommy-goddess pride. "Can you not see that I am with my Baby??!" Ha! I have no idea what the hell I want. Well, I do have some idea but she's busy helping tiny fauna grow into sustainable food options so it's not like she has a lot of time for outside pursuits. Plus she likes someone else. And even if she didn't, I'm fairly sure my lack of any kind of interesting life right now would send her running for the hills. Possibly not. Unlike myself, she actually has some depth to her so it's just possible she would be able to appear interested as I blather on about diapers, papers and missing items on our website. possibly by doing the times tables in her head. K. I've officially depressed myself. Moving on.

So, you wanna know how you can really bother a whole bunch of people out in the real world without really trying? Take your baby out without shoes or socks on. Now mind you, Sparkle is still in the stage where she's being carried everywhere so it's not like her feet are going to actually touch the cesspool that is the MUNI bus seat but still... The opinions! The glances! The outright hostility when I bring up the fact that she is more likely to catch "that flu that's going around" by touching the seatback with her hand then immediately chewing on her fist than she is by somehow absorbing it through the souls of her feet...! Anyway, it's an interesting case study. Someday I'll write a paper about it.

Going camping with Mistah Lovah-Lovah et al this week-end. I'm beginning to get very excited about it! First I need to be excited about the fact that tomorrow is Boo's last day as a First Grader but following that, I'm sure the wave of camping with the babies and the buddies will crest...!

And, you know what? I'm going to stop there. I WAS going to go on about my chagrin at the replacement of my favorite show (even if it is reruns)with some bone-headed new Surf-drama but I'm not going to give THEM the satisfaction!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Whodda thunk...

That a child's naptime would come to mean more to me than just about anything else in this vast world of ours! Anyways, Big Sister party yesterday was great! Ms. Bee is a master at child entertainment and i am grateful to the whole B clan for hosting this much-needed and hugely appreciated event! The ever special Mistah Lovah-Lovah photographed the whole shebang so pics will soon be available to those of you who are particularly adept at currying my favor. The rest of youse... sorry. One to a customer, please. Ha! Don't know where that came from, just thought I'd throw it out there. K. So. I've nothing really more to say other than I'm particularly happy the aforementioned event happened as it did. I could go on and on (and on) about the rest of my currently kinda stressful yet still rewarding life but I find that even I have a threshold for baby-related news. Maybe later. For now I will content myself with adjourning to the sofa where I will partake of a frosty beverage and attempt to dream up some cutting-edge/holistic design to show to our Web re-design crew that won't get me laughed out of the building. Ah... who am I kidding?? i'm just going to lie around thinking less than pure thoughts about my PG (who, I just found out has a dangerous "Kill Bill" side to her as well... well, maybe more of a "Pulp Fiction" side) until either the baby wakes up or Ms. Bee shows up with her little ones. Hmmmmm. Is this what it's like for other new parents or am I just taking lazy to entirely new heights?

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Mmmmmm. Sexxxxy...!

I have one cranky child who needs a bath, one sleepy child who won't let me put her down and a half carton of spoiled Half and half in my refrigerator. I discovered the latter by dumping a bunch of the congealed mass into what was going to be my first cup of coffee. I am also covered in baby throw-up (luckily, my shirt has a large multicolored print so I think it'll blend right in.... Eventually...) Anyone who knows what i was thinking when i decided to do this, could they please take a moment to quickly sketch it all out on a napkin or something and send it to me. Soon, please. Thanks.

Friday, June 04, 2004

In my defense, I would first like to say...

I've been very tired lately and i may have been giddy from the heat. So anyway, I'm down South dropping off Kid 2 with Ex-Foster Mom sos they can hang out and engage in some quality reconnection action and I'm not due to pick up Kid 1 from school for another coupla hours so, says I, "I think I'll stop by Santana Row just to see what a real Mall looks like" when lo and behold whom should I run into in the "Dress for Success" section of Macy's but my old friend D. whom I have not seen since our days of slinging donuts at the afterhours crowd over on Third and King! "Well!" saith she, all smiles and huggy arm squeezes "Long time no see! How's Alaska Boy?" "Good" says I. "I think. I haven't actually seen him in awhile." I notice that while we're chatting we're also walking. "uh, huh." she nods glancing at a rack of longish dresses and selecting one to add to the assortment currently draped over her arm. "Wedding." she explains. "Ex." she continues. "I have to look hot!" she winks. "Come help me pick." She clasps my arm and drags me into the dressing room. K. Now. Let me just say, I did not IN ANY WAY indicate that I had any interest in becoming part of this little excursion. Nor did I in ANY way expect that a casual conversation would end with me staring at an half-dressed (remarkably well-preserved) female as she adjusted her cleavage and demanded to know whether or not she looked "hot??" I would also like to add that were my Pretend Girlfriend to just freakin' start liking me back already I may not have felt the need to just go along with the first big-haired lass who happened to invite me into her dressing-room and the following conversation might have been prevented. Eh hem. Anyway. I replied that "yes." she did in fact look "hot." To which she replied (in quite the flirtatious manner -- demure smile, eyelashing batting, the whole nine yards) "Really?"
Me: Yup
Her: {giggle} Cool. Hey. [turns back to me so I can unzip aformentioned "hot" dress] What happened with you and Alaska Boy? I thought you guys were gonna get married.
Me: Uh. heh. No. [concentrating on zipper]
Her: [with smile over shoulder] Find someone better?
Me: Uh. Hah ha, uh... yeah. Um... kind of. Yeah. [concentrating on really very nice carpet pattern as she turns to face me holding dress up with one hand]
Her: You have a kid though right?
Me: Yeah. Two now actually.
Her: Wow! That's great! he must be great!
Me: Who?
Her: Your husband...?
Me: Uh...
Her: Oh [hand flies to mouth, dress begins to slip] Sorry. I just assumed [sheepish smile]
Me: Yeah. Actually, I'm co-parenting one with an Ex of mine and I'm single parent adopting the other.
Her: [Nodding. dress still slipping] mmmmmmm
Me: I'm Gay. [I DO NOT know where that came from. "I'm Gay." That's just... so.. GAY!] I mean... I... my Ex... Boo, my kid has two moms and the other one... the one we just got... she only has one. I mean... me... [needing to die]
Her: Oh. [Continues to stare at me as dress pretty much becomes useless in terms of any sort of actual coverage.] Oh. [sort of shrug, shake thing then she notices that she's standing there in the ole bra and panty set --A Set. Soooo San Jose Straight Girl! -- and begins to get dressed] So... um... well, I mean that's cool.
Me: um hm. [not sure where to look. inching toward door]
Her: [Picking up "hot" dress and Gawd help me, winking again! with smile] So I guess you're qualified to judge...!


So, there you have it. She says I should call her "next time I'm in town." Uh. Yeah.

In other news, my Boo about town had Pajama Day at school today which meant she got to wear her jammies all day long and can i JUST say she was/is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! After school we went to meet up with a friend of hers whom she had made dinner plans with and along the way we collected another pal of hers who happened to see us walking by and demanded to be allowed to accompany us. Tell me again when my child became a grown-up??

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

One more thing...

Well actually two. I forgot to mention that I stopped by ex-place-of-business SNIFF yesterday with the Spark in tow to introduce her to her God Uncle L-L and to say howdy to my boyz and I have got to say they were, are, and will no doubt continue to be the most phenomenal set of mens-folk I think I've ever laid mine eyes upon. I mean they, as a group are pretty darn cool but then they also individually manage to be completely stellar as well. Tony in particular is noteworthy mostly because he's approaching the big 3-0 which is just SAD but also because he holds claim to being the only boy I've ever met who can wake up in the morning, choose to wear a light cream-colored, pressed, snappy looking shirt and still have it look clean, pressed and snappy when I drop by late afternoon! That is unless he spontaneously changed during lunch but still... even 3.5 hours is a long time to go without spilling something. At least it is for me. Anyways... Also didn't have nearly enough time with Sir James and his crop of stories vis a vis the French which he compiled during his recent sojourn to that beautiful country -- in general I found chatting/catchup time to be lacking but it was very great seeing everyone again and now that I've assured myself they weren't only being nice to me so I'd approve their stupid screen designs I will be hitting them one and all up for lunch!

Thing 2 is that my BBQ is really very sweet. I don't know why she chooses to keep me around but I'm glad she does. That's all.

I'm starving!

So, I'll keep this short. First a huge THANK-YOU to my good friend Miss Bee for offering to host a Big Sister party for my Boo! How much fun are we collectively going to have????? If, for some reason you're reading this and are finding yourself surprised to hear that such an event is happening because you've somehow not been alerted 1) check your e-mail, loser! and/or 2) see what had happened was.... K. nuff about that. I'll no doubt go on at length after the actual event occurs so I'll cut it short for now. Also, quick thank you to the Miss Bee for entertaining me and the Sparkle this morn and showing me her tomatoes (heh heh heh!) Such a quality gal! The teaching profession is about to be doubly blessed! {sigh} I'm hungry. I'm cranky too but I think that's tied directly to the hungry part so, I think i'm jest going to go and make myself a little sumptin' sumptin' and see if I can't kickstart a little of that ole house cleanin' sos the nice social worker types don't take Sparkle back type of action! Ciao for now!