Saturday, February 28, 2009

Way to make it just that much worse

So, you know what you do when you're already tired and stressed and trying to "wrap up" a million things because you can't think of a better way to spend your basically zombie-like struggle to make it until you get to go back to bed stagger through the day...? Manage you 401 K account. Or rather try to get funds transfered from your old (stupid) 401K into your new (rapidly dwindling in it's own right) Roth IRA. To do this correctly you must spend a bunch of time digging the original "sign away your life" paperwork out from all the accumulated stacks fo paperwork, then you need to figure out what your current accounts numbers are (typically unavailable of every actual printed and on-line piece of documentation which in and of itself necessitates a visit to the always sort of intimidating/depressing "tax-stuff" folder) figure out which areas to fill in on which form then try to deduce whether or not accidentally writing in the other sections then crossing it out once the actual instructions are made a bit more clear upon re-re-re-reading makes the entire thing null and void before finally just giving the h*** up, stuffing the whole thing in an envelope and hoping for the best. Not just big fun but soothing as well......

Friday, February 27, 2009

Out of the frying pan...

That means nothing really, I just wanted to apply the second half of that to my newly not-quite-so-sick Baby Girl who is no longer burning up with the fever. Having written it out and considered it carefully, however, I realize that phrase has NOTHING to do with the situation so... never mind.

I did just find out though, from a pal o mine, that a good way to lower a high fever is to soak some socks in vinegar and put them on the feverish person in question's feet. I'm not sure if it's the vinegar, the feet or the shock of having someone treat you so meanly when you're trying to be sick but whatev... she swears it works. She's also a commie-vegan-young person type who I'm trying to trick into working on my and Mistah Lovah-lovah's newest project so any advice should prolly be taken with a largish grain of hand-processed sea salt.

In other news, we're getting the Big Girl back today! Whoo Hoo! Those of you who were lucky enough to not have to deal with me during this time may not be breating a sigh of relief but rest assured, I bet the Wife is happy!

oop. it would appear that Barney has just come on the telly meaning I am now faced with the perrenial parental decision -- do i change it to something less mind-numbing for me or suck it up because *i* have not just spent the last two days lying around being hot and achey and miserable so really it's not my decision..... I'll let you know what i decide. :-)

Monday, February 23, 2009

C'mon now...

I like the new president as much as the next guy but seriously... doesn't it take the Pope to canonize someone???


Happy Birthday! to my beloved Sweetie-Heart who makes my life even more great every day she's in it and who deserves all the awesome-est awesomeness the world has to offer ALWAYS!

eh, hem.... yes. well. then. to re-cap. Week-end was lovely if a triffle tiring. Got to hang with some quality peeps and play some extreme S-Bingo (seriously, who knew folks could get so bloodthirsty/competitive over such an "old-lady" game! I was going to suggest Canasta for our next adventure but now I'm not so sure...!) Finally, got rid of the car -- Gave it to my good pals J-Dawg and Crafty-Kitten -- more power to you crazy kids. Good luck with the Suzie-Q, I trust you'll use her well... B-day blowout Sat. eve then Sundee got some quality hang out time with one of my pretty new Sisters and her beautiful baby-Big-girl so that was nice.

{sigh} Still sort of bummed that my Little girl is out in the world beyond my reach (and out of cell phone range), and, I do have to admit to feeling just a squeach under the weather but I spose I'm more happy + content + feeling the love than grouchy + stressed + sick so.... all-in-all doing well. Hope other folk's Mondays are going fab as well. :-)

I'm not sad...

Just because my Big girl left on some thousand year overnight trip with her 6th grade class and I will not see her again until Friday afternoon. I have things to do to fill up my time. I have a life filled with things needing my attention, fer chrissakes! {sniff} Day 1 and counting.... :-(

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh. Mi. God!

I am going to flippin' kill somebody!

k. {breathe} it's Friday. I'm going home soon.... {breathe....}

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sad but true. The boy formerly known as A-in-the-Tex-A** has been, regretfully, let go. "Why" you may ask? Why, put such a devoted companion out to pasture? Well, mostly because 1) He was in town on biz-ness and did not tell me he was going to be here (which, typically, i would let slide except that he made this HUGE freaking stink about how he misses me and wants to meet the fam, etc., etc.)and 2) the way i found out he was here on biz-ness is because we ran into him and his little entourage at the Mall and his friend said "Hey, A, isn't that your Girl?" as they passed (or something along those lines) causing moi to glance back to see if, in fact, it was my dear friend but which occasioned not even a short look back from the party-in-question.

So, there you have it. There is currently an opening in my life for one Latin, Gay male; should be funny, insightful and able to hold his liquor. Married to a sweet, tall Texan would be nice but not necessary. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Thanks.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know what says "You're the best wife on the planet and I'll love you forever" on Valentine's Day???

A brand new set of socket-wrenches, that's what! {sigh} Me=happy.... :-)

Monday, February 09, 2009

THE only reason...

I can see, that justifies TV....

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More Gay & Lesbian Video

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

First i would like to thank Mistah Lovah-Lovah...

and his lovely Missus for seeing fit to provide the world (and me especially) with even more amazingness via that time-tested process loosely referred to as "The Pregnancy/Delivery of a Bouncing Baby Newborn!" I am delighted by this news. Yay!

other than that nothing much going on other than me being annoyed by the fact that i keep messing up people's days. Even more annoyed by the fact that I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm doing exactly that's having such disastrous effect but still, before they chatted with me they were fine, after -- life sucks. You do the math. :-(