Monday, August 26, 2013

back to school!

The Little Big Girl went back to school today. the Big Big Girl has been going for a week now. 5th and 11th grades respectively. oy.

re: that - I had a disturbing dream the other night. me and the wife and the little big girl were in a truck driving along and i took a corner too fast. the truck rolled over (completely!) and ended up facing the opposite direction back on all four wheels. we were all shook up but when i asked if everyone was o.k. everyone said they were. LBG said she "was scared." who wouldn't be?? i just freaking rolled the truck! so anyway, we're sitting there dazed and i look around outside and realize that noone else seems particularly concerned. in fact there are a couple of folks just sort of looking quizzically at us; one lady had her blinker on and was waiting (it would seem) to get into her driveway (which we were in/blocking). the other weird thing was that this shake-up had caused the truck to kind of split into two trucks. One was solid seeming and the other was sort of a spirit truck that was super imposed on the "real" one. in the dream, I'm trying to get the truck moving but i'm also really aware of the tenuousness of the connection between it and the spirit truck so i'm trying to move super slowly and carefully. the thing is, we're also sort of on a hill and as the truck (my truck) is rolling toward it, the other truck; the spirit one is moving faster. So i try putting on the brake but that just makes me slow down more and the other truck gets even farther ahead. THEN i think i'll try to catch it but when i speed up, the LBG and the wife get a little freaked out (because, let's face it, i JUST got us into this big ole accident which we are lucky we survived!) so i realize i've got to think of them and slow the f down. which i do which means though that the spirit truck keeps going faster and faster away from us until finally it turns a corner and i can't see it anymore. by the time i get to the corner, it's gone. :-(

i woke up feeling very sad and NO this dream has NOTHING to do with my now-junior-in-high-school Big Big Girl getting ready to leave me for college or whatever! sheesh. can't a girl just have a random dream!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two incredibly important things

before i forget.

1) Mz. Sharon Ellison/my own personal idol/cult leader is here in the Bay Area/Oakland and is STAYING with us! I KNOW! can't really stand it.

2) I just had THE BEST idea for an art show. my dolls plus Boo's drawings (sketched on post-its) plus the "little Red Wagon" wooden piece all hung together with a show title of "Mixed Media: post-it-plank series" Genius!!