Monday, October 25, 2010

Shadow visits!

So, this is new too me but apparently kids today go on these things called "shadow visits." apparently the "shadow visit" is paid to a school at which said student would like to attend and is meant "to give the prospective student" a "glimpse" of what their academic and social life would be like should they attend said school. (!!) Seriously. one the one hand i think it's a grand idea on the other.... PRESSURE!!!

Anyhoo, today was the Big Girl's first shadow visit (coincidentally to the school she REALLY wants to go to) and it went "fine." meaning she survived it. I, on the other hand, [heh.] emerged from the entire ordeal with a bruised/squashed ring finger. Noone's fault but my own. Apparently i need to work on getting in and out of my truck without getting damaged. It's a process....

RE: SV -- I think she had fun. At any rate I'm glad it wasn't traumatic. (mainly because she has four more of these things to go. it would really suck if the first one was horrible!)

in other news, the BBQ was sweet enough to host me and mine for some fantabulous spaghetti sup-sup last night. Ostensibly, she was showing me how to make sp. sauce on my own but fortunately it devolved into one of those splendid situations which I love so much wherein i get quite a bit of credit for really doing very little work. A win-win-win as far as i'm concerned!

{sigh} o.k. my finger is starting to hurt a little so i'm going to go. Have say the current outlook is good. A solid B+! :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Wife is insane!

Insane about the GIANTS, that is! Heh. sorry. i just think it's cute is all. Go giants. :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

take your daughter to work day!

You know what i love?? having my kids at work, that's what! Really. Yesterday was Columbus Day meaning (weirdly) school for one of them but not the other so I got to see my Big Big girl basically all day which was AWESOME.

Having said that, however, i do have to also say this last several round of days/weeks is kind of kicking my bottom. I mean, who knew that getting a single child into the San Francisco High School System was so ... much ... work??? now don't get me wrong, i acknowledge that nothing good is just handed to one (although that hasn't exactly born up in my own life but i'm sure there are less freakishly lucky schmoes out there who have to work for the good stuff they get!) but really.... the planning and the schmoozing and the open-housing and the committee meetings and the "shadow visit" setting up and the "discussing" and strategizing with the co-parental peeps and the filling in of spreadsheets and the constant "on-ness" of it all...... {sigh} i do have to say, I'm sort of looking forward to Feb when it's all all be over but the shouting, as it were.

Aside from rampant busy-ness though, the week-end was quite nice. I totally blew my SB Volunteer Committee Chair person duties vis a vis the annual picnic (got lost going there for set-up, forgot a bunch of stuff I was supposed to bring, didn't pick up either of my kids on time or as planned and ended up missing all but the last 15-20 minutes of the actual event) BUT we did have a nice row about on Stowe lake and some quality playtime in golden gate park following the event so that was lovely.

Also not sure i mentioned this or not (heaven forbid i just look at the past postings on this thing) but we were in South lake tahoe last week-end for the Big girl's b-day which was also quite lovely. I dunno. i think sum total = life is good but individually, i do have to say i'm finding the days a little harder to slog along right now. Maybe i will begin scheduling time for actual sleep. that might fix everything :-)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Just checking in

We're off to Lake Tahoe to celebrate the Big big girl's entry in to teen-ager-hood (eek!) in about THREE seconds but i wanted to mention the very nice dinner me and The Wife indulged in to celebrate our anniversary at a fantastic little place recommended by the BBQ called Marica in Oakland (on college). It was AWESOME. The food was great (which coming from me is saying something!), the service was great, the local was great. Just plain great all round. Plus my girl was cute which was also pretty cool. :-)