Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a wee bit obsessed....

So, in my ongoing effort to figure out a viable way for my not-quite-teen-age-child to support me financially (you know, until the littler one "makes it" on Broadway...), I've come up with a yet another doll-making business opportunity and I must say, I'm a little obsessed. I've not actually made any dolls yet but i'm still spending hours on-line looking at glascine envelopes suitable for mailing. {really} This is actually o.k. because the Big Girl has taken it upon herself to learn everything there is to know about the actual production of the actual product so... i think with the two of us on this, it'll turn out well. That is until CPS comes around inquiring about the sudden spike in income/The Boo's sudden need to be "homeschooled"....

In other news, since we're discussing the Boo, she's out in the desert right now with the CP having a glorious time. I know this because i have text message proof to that effect. Being the empathetic, centered, loving, big-hearted momma that I am, I am NOT sad at all that she is not miserable without me. Furthermore I am DELIGHTED that she and her CP get to spend some quality time in the desert which I grew up in/adore, surrounded by my beautiful family, partaking of real quality bonding time mono y mono. Really. I'm not bitter at all.

Spent yesterday bonding with the other kid who had the day off from school. We had a rocky start due to some suspicious regurgitative activity but in the end everyone ended up healthy and sound so... sa'all good. In between forays out into the world, we relaxed watching the Kids Choice Awards (6 times when all was said and done) then for laughs I threw in some Jesus Christ Superstar. I know. I'm not super sure what I was thinking either. I think it had something to do with seeing Rhianna on a pink tank 4 times running that made me think "O.K. Rhianna. Singing. tank. dancing. Jesus Christ Superstar! That's got tanks and singing and pretty brown people dancing! plus it's almost Easter. What better time to indoctrinate he Child into the teachings of Our Lord in Heaven who so calmly gave his/her only begotten son so that we might partake of all the Krispy Kremes we want and still get into Heaven!" Note for anyone who is considering showing following in my poorly thought out footsteps: Your average 6 year old may have a bit of a hard time accepting why the nice man who is trying to make people nicer to one another ends up captured, beaten and killed. Just saying. I'm no theologian but it's a dodgy proposition at best. Here's just one post-flick conversation:

"Wait, why did he die?"
"Well, he died so we could go to heaven."
"But i thought we had to be good to go to heaven."
"Well, you do, I guess. I mean, that's what some people believe"
"So, they get to be bad?"
"Um. Well... i guess."
"And still go to heaven?"
"Um. yeah. I think so."
"That's not fair."

Which, really when it comes right down to it pretty much sums it up, doesn't it.

Oh! And don't even get em started on the mid-movie learning moment vis a vis Judas' suicide. "Well, Sweetheart, he made a bad choice. Sometimes people make really, really bad choices...." {sigh}

Additional note: It is, furthermore, not lost on me that I could have just left Nickelodeon on so we could have instead watched Victoria Jackson - teen fashion designer. Honestly, I blame it on the new administration.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quote for today

"It is hard to do justice to the marriage of John and Mary, other than to say that it appears to have been one of the worst in recorded history..."

I do not know why i love that sentence soooooo much! It just plain makes me happy.

k. so, not really doing anything more than posting because

1) It's been awhile and i was thinking about how i never really write anymore on the drive in to work today


2) I'm waiting for a work-related "sync"/report situation to finish running...

this last week-end was o.k. Definitely had it's ups and downs. Felt a little sparse in that while i think individually all the key stakeholders in the family managed to have fun (lots of sleep-over type situations that grew into playdates which in turn supported parental types getting to play with their friends as well!) we didn't really get all that much time together which, for those of you in the know, means Sad-Mommy fallout over not chatting about the life with the Big Big Girl/marveling at the Little Big Girl's ability to be so freakishly adorable about pretty much everything..... Ah well. we were not put on this planet in order to get every single thing we want when we want it (I've heard anyway)... plus the upcoming week-end pretty much has us all joined at the hip the entire time so, I think it'll all work out in the end.

Monday, March 08, 2010

What Oscars?

You know what i did yesterday? I watched my Wife and My Big Girl watch the Oscars. I have to say, it was as interesting (possibly more so) than actually watching the show. the commentary alone was delightful. Plus the two of them sitting on the couch being all captivated/outraged/enthusiastic in turn was just kind of cute.

That's actually not all i did yesterday though, me and the Little girl took a few exploratory trips to a few places -- for lunch we went to a Taqueria where she was all authoritative and ordering her pollo con queso en Espanol! then to the Lovely little enclave that is the Alameda where we happened upon quite possibly the nicest park I've ever seen/been allowed to go into! Plus, before that we all found a lovely little diner type place that had this truly amazing french toast as well as real, basic, easily separatable food cooked exactly the way I'd cook it myself (assuming i could cook, which i can't, hence the diner-outing....). then back to the house to finish putting some quality Decals onto the new (sooooo adored it's probably against a few laws) Truck (I'll post pics soon some everyone can share in the tattooed-truck-love) before the big lead-in to the Oscie-festies. And don't even get me started on the fun that was Saturday with the Stanford vs. Cal Bears Girls B-Ball game and the Alice in the Wonderland viewing... Sheesh. i was just sitting here wondering why I'm so freaking exhasuted right now, but having just written it all out, now I'm wondering why I'm not still actually in bed. :-)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some of us just feel a little more equal than other people

This morning i was lying in bed and my sweet darling little girl came in to snuggle up with me. Whilst we we lying there (her very awake, me not so much) she reached over to rub my belly, grinned up at me and announced "You're having a baby!"

For the record, I am NOT having a baby. What i am doing is developing a "pooch"... Not sure what i think about that. I mean, i'm pretty in touch with my feminist embracing of the myriad ways in which my weight chooses to express itself, I'm also, however acutely aware of the fact that I eat peanut butter and jelly for breakfast every morning and recently (this past week-end) actually hurt myself playing (in the water) with my kid. So, yeah, not about to run off and join the next Pilates Boot Camp that the fitness peeps at my work have seen fit to organize, but possibly, maybe, a call-to-action in terms of edging slightly out of the swamp that is my health and into a (slightly) more energetic way of living ....

In other news, this man is brilliant. Listen to his podcast/talk; buy his book. That is all.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The truck is dead! Long live the truck!

That's right folks, we got another truck! 1996 Dodge Dakota cub cab V6, exterior is a little rusty, banged up, interior is clean though. A/C, automatic door locks & windows, cruise control, tilt steering, faux wood paneling... AND we got it for at least $1,000 bucks *below* Kelly Blue Book! [note: when going to buy truck that you really want, make sure to bring along lots of little girls; adding in one that's a little carsick is not a bad thing either. Definitely helps to sway the nice man selling said truck in your direction!]

{sigh} I am seriously, stupidly in love with this truck. And mi familia is as well! Spark said "it's like riding in a limo" and Boo is simply beside herself for the same "little girls who like to drive big trucks" reasons that i am! The Wife was smiley as well. Possibly because she thinks she might one day be allowed to drive it but... no worries though, she looks hot sitting shotgun!

BTW, lest anyone think this newest purchase equals scratching the Boo art sale/raffle, we are sooooo still on with that, details to follow but rest assured the "Pimp-Our-Truck Art Sale Raffle" will be kicking off soon!