Thursday, July 10, 2008

First and Foremost.....

yet another belated Happy Birthday wish (this one was on the 8th) going out to my Beautiful, Smart, Fabulous in pretty much every way imaginable, All grown up Niece, Ness! Sheesh! On the one hand I cannot believe you are 18 already and on the other... well, no. really there's just the one hand.... I {heart} you, I am proud of you and I cannot wait for your newfound 18/independent of parental ties-ness to translate into you moving out to live with us in sunny Cal so, jest you let me know when you're ready to pull up stakes and I'll clear out some space for ya!!! :-)

Next up, we have my cold sore. A huge, monstrous thing which is not only incredibly attractive but which also itches and is annoying in that it means I cannot smooch on my nearest and dearest until the d*** thing goes away. {sigh} Whatev. Prolly just the equivalent of a stickey note from my body telling me to maybe think about relaxing a little already! Or not. It's also possible that just sitting next to the Spore-Master (DB) reminded my inner virus that it hadn't been all that active lately... Thanks again, DB, for every little thing you've ever shared with me!

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