Sunday, March 29, 2009

Generosity 101

So today i was out battling nature (aka grass that was literally 2 feet tall!) and I'd just discovered that the grass was so high my puny weed-wacker thing was not only not going to have any appreciable effect in terms of making it any shorter but might actually end up just pissing it off... When lo and behold along came a neighbor. Not a particularly well-known neighbor, just a nice person i wave to occassionally when i'm out walking the dog or when I happen upon him and his son riding around in their tow-truck, off to thier next car-assist. I smile at his wife too. And I think his daughter made a "light-switch cover" at the "booth" I set up for the kids at our last block party. Really. Just a normal person out moving his truck on a normal Sunday. So, I'd just sat down to re-consider the situation when he strolled up, shaking his head. "Take you about a week." Was his opinion. I had to agree. We exchanged some other light-hearted banter about the "nice-ness" of the weather, after which he left to go finish moving his truck. I stood up again and after choosing a square inch to wreak my vengence on, fired up the weed-wacker... THEN lo and behold, back came the neighbor with his son and his daughter AND a really big, gas-powered weed wacker AND a strap-it-on-your-back leaf blower! Seriously. took the bunch of us about two hours to cut, corral, bag and haul fifteen MILES of grass. Then when we were finally done, they left. That's it. a smile "Bye." to my "Thank you guys SOOOOOOO much! You saved my life! You saved my week!! I. LOVE. YOU!" Nod and smile. then they left. sweet.

K. to recap, here's what i did today:

  1. woke up (got to sleep in a tiny bit, yay!)
  2. drove the little girl to a playdate
  3. got bagels to use as a bribe so the Bees would give me back the Big Girl
  4. mini-visit with the Bees
  5. got the Big Girl (Yay!)
  6. drove with the Big Girl to her drum lesson (we were early {gasp!})
  7. made a tiny little house for the Borrowers to live in
  8. photographed aformentioned tiny house
  9. walked Big Girl upstairs to her drum lesson
  10. went back downstairs and worked on some final edit stuff on some dumb paper I'm writing
  11. Met the Big Girl after her lesson finished
  12. stopped by work to do some dumb report (with the Big Girl, yay!)
  13. drove home
  14. drove the Wife to some Bike place in Alameda (with the Little Girl, yay!)
  15. drove home
  16. got a call from the Wife asking me to come back and get her. (Oops!)
  17. FIXED THE PASSENGER SIDE MIRROR ON MY TRUCK (by, mostly -- the little ones helped, myself!!!) (Yay!)
  18. decided to attack the grass before we get some sort of citizen's complaint ticket thing from the City of Oakland
  19. fell into despair
  20. was saved from despair by my saintly neighbor and his crew
  21. chatted briefly with the CP and her lovely peeps (they all looked very Great Gatsby this afternoon. cute.)
  22. came inside
  23. made dinner
  24. listened to a report the Big Girl is writing for school
  25. was impressed.
  26. Smiled alot
  27. ate
  28. put the Little Big Girl to bed
  29. had some juice (orange)
  30. am now sitting here typing with the Big Big Girl on my lap (Yay!)

Just plain blessed and happy and lucky and content = me!

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duckus said...

Wow. Only 30 things? You slacker. Also, I know nothing of #7 and #8. You're making tiny houses now ?