Friday, December 26, 2003


Ladeez and Gentlemen...! Allow me to introduce the one -- the only -- the WebHostess with the Most-est... Chick... Magnet!!! {general roar of approval from an appreciative and obviously soused crowd} That's right folks, our gal Chick has managed to showcase her prodigious talent in just a right enough light as to convince the nice folks at Good Vibrations to hire her as their brand new eCommerce Manager !!!!!

Super cool things about this:

1) I get to work at the swankiest, girl-friendliest, co-opin'-est place currently in the sex biz world -- How cool is that??!
2) Ms. B is my boss! And she's normal![What is that I'm hearing?? A possible end to the rash of COMPLETE FREAK BOSSES who have had the good fortune of being able to label me thier own personal butt girl throughout the various peaks and valleys of my working career????] We heart Ms. B
3) Did I mention that it is now part of my job to play sex toys??
4) How very "time for a change" was it?? I mean, really...
5) Todd (Head ass current company) = ska-rewed! HaHaHaHa!!!!!!

Things that suck a little bit:

1) How much am I going to miss my boys???? (Tony, SigTau, Mistah Lovah Lovah, EP, Sir James, Family Guy -- you make my life here bearable and I'm so sad i won't be having you pop in unexpectedly and saving me from doing actual work... sniff I love you guys!!!)

2) I'm actually feeling bad about my little project. I mean, it's soooo almost there and it was kinda like the CyberBaby I never had and what if someone awful (El Torrito) gets put in charge of it and screws it all up??? {sigh, again}

3) And even if that someone doesn't screw everything up, i still kinda feel like I'm deserting my beautiful team who put in so much time nad effort and now I'm just walking away....

ah, well. You do whattacha gotta do right? People were building kick ass applications for computer asset tracking across large-scale insurance concerns long before i showed up and they will continue to after I've moved on... It's all relative i guess.

So, really, that's it. New job = me. Christmas was fabulous BTW, lots of downtime and hanging about with the child and CP (mostly with the child) before they flew off off off to the land of the LAs. And now, they're gone and I'm sad and child-missing but in general doing well....!

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