Wednesday, December 17, 2003


God, I am exhausted! Like really seriously tired. Bone tired. The kind of tired that cannot be addressed by simply "getting some sleep" -- nope, this is the type of tired that requires a glass of wine, a massage, and a good 14 hours of uninterupted rest to fix. Now, since I

1) have no wine at my house,
2) have nobody who feels like rubbing my body at my house and
3) have to get up and go to work approximately 8-10 hours after any point at which I'm going to get to bed tonight

I would have to say that all signs are pointing to: TIRED FOR THE REST OF MY NATURAL LIFE!!!! {sigh} o.k. I'm better now.

No i'm not dammit, I'm still tired!

And how did I get so very worn out, one might ask (not one who knows even a little bit about what I like to call a life but definitely something that might occur to a casual passer-by). Good question. By hanging out with my friends, chatting on the phone, finishing assignments etc., etc., etc. that's how. In other words, I am currently exhausted because I dared to attempt to stretch my life to accomodate some of the fun possibilities that suddenly made themselves available to me (!!) ! I know! What was I thinking??! So, yes, my current state is my own damn fault. Fine. still though... What would it take to build a life where the thought of chocolate, sex and sleep don't carry the EXACT same weight in terms of things I'd most like to indulge in right now... Actually, scratch those first two. I'd pretty much sell my soul for the last. mmmmmmmmm. sleeeep......

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