Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Just a quick check-in

Setting up for the holiday party here at work and there are THINGS TO DO!!!!! Not really but there are those who think there are THINGS TO DO and so I must be in a constant state of standing upright lest I be labeled someone who has NOTHING TO DO???!

Anyway, big Boo performance plans over the next little bit. First, we have the Winter Sing on Thursday which will feature food and songs and drum pounding. Then, on Friday, Miss Boo will be featured in the School Holiday Assembly wherein she will recite a line from a Kwanzaa poem and lastly, Sat. the delightful child will delight and entertain we proud parents as she (and her class) show us a few of the skills they've picked up this last semester in their Acrobatics class! I, for one, can not wait!!! Now, since I know you're all feeling jealous and left out of the goodness that is Boo-performance right about now, know that I am attempting to arrange videotaping of at least one of the aforementioned events so if you're very nice to me.....

In other news, the Delightful Miss Tail, Missy Miss and the CP have returned from thier jaunt to the sunny reaches of Matzalan. I have not actually spoken to any of them yet but I did recieve check-in via Voice Mail and they sounded rested, tanned and chipper! Yay! I don't know about the others but Miss Tail (IMHO) sure seemed to need a break. That girl is doing some amazing things with her life but gosh, she makes me tired just thinking about the various concerns she tackles on a daily basis...

{sigh} o.k. I really want to continue with the rambling but I am apparently needed to stand in the kitchen area so I'm off off off...! Have a wonderful day my Little Snow Angels! Mommy, loves you all very much!

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