Monday, July 28, 2008

Who's perfectly bilingual?

Um, that would be my Little Big Girl, Spark!!! The Missus and her just got through with their intro to Kindergarten assessment and she scored exactly the same in both English en Espanol! She's at Intermediate level - so more testing at the start of next year and the next just to make sure she's "catching up" in English (why do I find that kind of funny?)which I find just ducky/fab as that is what I hear from most of the other 'Rents I know who are trying to raise the bilinguals.... Cool though that it sounded like they had a grand time. Also cool that the nice testing lady gave rave reviews to our baby's new school! Yay!

In other news, The INVITATIONS to the wedding are being sent out in approximately three minutes!! I KNOW. {pause} I don't know why this is striking me as such a freaking HUGE deal but it feels that way. Like now all of a sudden it's "official" or something... :-)

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