Thursday, December 04, 2003

Happy Birthday!

Today is my beautiful Professor's birthday! Happy Birthday, Pof. Ketelle, you and everyone like you are what make my world livable! Give your mom a big squeeze for me next time you see her.

K. in a remarkably good mood right now given that I arrived at work today to find at least three MAJOR un-finished tasks that my boss (El Torrito - who is out for four weeks as of yesterday) didn't "have a chance to finish" and left for me to do. This is particularly funny because when I left on Tuesdee I specifically ASKED if she was good with everything and she said "yes". Why are people so lame? Actually, that's not true, I just had a very cheery conversation with a lady here at work who is soooo not lame (in fact she's so very intimidating that I can barely talk to her in spite of the fact that she's always very pleasant when we run into each other. And we wonder why the Chick-ster isn't hooking up on a more regular basis??!) Speaking of which (I'm going to go ahead and take this out of the parenthesees because I'm rambling and rambling has no truck with "containment") there's this girl at school (ex-school now, Whoo Hoo!) that I'm physically attracted to but who, personality-wise, irritates the hell out of me. Now don't laugh but this is somewhat unique to my experience because I usually think people are cute until I get to know them then, when they prove idiotic, they become less attractive to me. Nawattamean? This is the first demonstrable incident in a very long while (let's watch as Chick convieniently forgets her 20's) wherein it has been shown to me numerous times that this chick is annoying (not Dirty Boy annoying-yet-still-in-some-sick-way-fascinating, but annoying-boring) and pedestrian and classist and smug yet still I cannot stop staring at her ass. The girl has an amazing ass. And she's cute. She's standing there arguing with me about how if homeless people really wanted help/work/affordable housing they could find it (easily) and I'm thinking "What the hell are you talking about, you Moron! God, you're pretty!" Anyway. Last class was yesterday and she comes up and says how great it was to have me in class and how we should "keep in touch" and can she have my number -- not like that you perverts, she militantly hetero -- and we should go have coffee and I'm thinking "are you kidding??! I can't find time to hang out with people I approve of and you want me to hang out with your sorry ass?? mmmm.. your ass... which I guess is truthfully not all that sorry... 5-1-0...." I know. I am weak and pathetic. but seriously, before you go judging you have got to see this girl's butt...

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