Tuesday, December 02, 2003

random conversations about girls

at the Degas exhibit:

Lady: He's considered a great artist because he was so good at capturing the female form.
Lady's kid (age=10ish): Are these real ballerinas?
Lady: Of course not! Real ballerinas aren't that heavy....

in my livingroom:

Boo: {watching a video; leaping around the room pretending she's Gwen Steffani, now confused because Ms. Steffani has stopped leaping and is now crouching down on the stage looking small and timid} What's she doing?
Chick: She's being small and afraid.
Boo: Why?
Chick: Because the song is about how some people think girls are tiny and afraid and not very strong...
Boo: {looking at Chick like she is completely making stuff up - one eyebrow raised and everything} You're kidding.
Chick: No, really. She's acting it out.
Boo: {quiet for a second, then commences to leaping around again} Whatever. I'm not afraid!

on the way to truck this morning:

Old Guy: Hey Baby Girl!
Chick: {looking around} Me?
Old Guy: {nods, waves} What you know that's new?
Chick: Not alot, actually. {Old Guy nods.} I'm "Baby Girl"? I thought my little girl was "Baby Girl"
Old Guy: She is. You're both Baby Girls! {winks} You're never too old to be a Baby Girl...{waves one more time then shuffles away.}
Chick: Hmmm.

on the street in front of work (no lie):

Chick: {accosting Girl standing in front of Rite Aid with tattoo on shoulder that says "Baby Girl" in fancy script} Hey!
Chick: I was JUST having a conversation with some old guy about "Baby Girl"!
GSIFORAWTTSBG: You know her??
Chick: Who?
Chick: oh, uh no. just... I mean I just thought it was weird cause I was just talking to this guy...
GSIFORAWTTSBG: Oh. {Confused} He knows her?
Chick: No. It's complicated actually. We were just talking about the words....
Chick: Baby.Girl.
Chick: Um... well, anyway. I just thought it was weird.
Chick: k. bye.

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